Wild Night Run by Julian Wills

JulianMud, water, steep descents and tough climbs all in the dark, were the order of the day for the Wild Night Run over Dartmoor at the weekend. With head torches to light the way, and flashing marker poles to show the route, 150+ runners set off from South Brent to take on some pretty challenging terrain.

First home was MBH member Julian Wills, completing the 5 mile course in 38 minutes and beat the next member of the field by a significant margin, winning a Petzl performance head torch for his troubles. The course was made more challenging by the recent flooding, with sections of ground completely removed leaving large drops, which only become apparent when right on top of them.

Cornwall Mini Triathlon Series for children announced

We have been advised that a Cornwall Mini Triathlon Series -for children- has been announced!

Following the success of last year’s Helston Mini Triathlon, Tempus Leisure has developed a brand new Cornwall Mini Triathlon Series for 2014.

The Series consists of five triathlons, taking place at various venues around Cornwall and spread throughout the season, starting in April and ending in October. The distances for each discipline will vary depending on a child’s age; please see below for details.

All competitors who enter the Cornwall Mini Triathlon Series 2014 will receive a free T-shirt and medal when they attend an event. The T-shirt design and size chart are available on the website at www.tempusleisure.org.uk/minitriathlon

The events in the Series are listed below. For details about the events, including entry links please visit www.tempusleisure.org.uk/minitriathlon and follow the event name links on that page.

Series Events

Event Date
Liskeard Mini Triathlon (Pool Based)  26 April
Bodmin Mini Triathlon (Pool Based)  17 May
Wadebridge Mini Triathlon (Pool Based)  28 June
Siblyback Mini Triathlon (Open Water)  13 September
Helston Mini Triathlon (Pool Based)  11 October

Race Distances

Age Group Swim (Pool) Swim (Open Water) Cycle (Traffic-Free) Run (Traffic-Free)
8 years 50m 50m 800m 600m
9/10 years 100m 150m 1.5km 1km
11/12 years 150m 200m 3km 1.5km
13/14 years 250m 300m 5km 2km

Please note: When registering a child, the age group that they are in is dependent upon their age on 31 December 2014 and not their age on the day of the race. If your child turns 15 during this calendar year they will no longer be eligible to compete in the mini category but will have to compete in the junior category (longer race distance).

For details of events for the junior category (aged 15-17) please see the Junior Triathlon Series section of our website at www.tempusleisure.org.uk/triathlon

Please read the Event Documentation (available on our website at www.tempusleisure.org.uk/documentation) prior to entry including the British Triathlon Competition Rules For Children’s Events and the Parent/Carer Code of Conduct.

If you have any queries please contact:-

Ceri Harvey Community Leisure Officer, Tempus Leisure Tel: 01209 614348

Coose Trannack Cross Country Race – Saturday, 22 March 2014

Coose Trannack
As the main organiser of the 2014 Coose Trannack Cross Country Race, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your schools interest and support in this event. Please find attached a welcome letter, event information sheet, registration form and a poster that can be displayed at your school.

We welcome any team or individual that wants to take part and we hope their experience of the day and the challenging race is an enjoyable one. This year we are trying to ensure that schools and running clubs are pre-registered as it makes organisation on the day a lot easier and provides a better experience for all involved. However, registration on the day will still take place.

Queries can be sent to this e-mail address and any updates to the event will be posted on our website address below. We hope to see you on the day for Coose Trannack 2014.

Kind regards,

Dave Stott,

(On behalf of the Parents & Friends of Trannack Community),

Website – http://trannack.eschools.co.uk/site/25600-coose-trannack

We would like to thank our sponsors for this race; At your pace (Helston), Classic Cottages (Helston) and SW Forestry (Laity, nr Helston) for their continued support.

Coose Trannack Information Pages

CT14 – Letter to school club organisers

CT14 – Running Club Registration Form

Club PB’s

PB’s have now been updated, following the Marazion 10k. Thanks to Paul Hooper for his quick reshuffle of the stats. Check out your time on the Club Standings -> 10 km link, and your overall position in the club rankings. As usual, address any grumbles to Ian.


Marazion 10K 2014 by Ian Matthews

MBH Marazion 10k 2014 The forecasted apocalypse didn’t materialise thank heavens and after Saturdays hurricane force winds, torrential hail and rain showers it was a pleasant surprise to awake to clear skies and a slight breeze. As for me, and I know we all have our own crosses to bare, the day before I had a ‘severe’ sports massage on my calves – I could hardly walk! Anyway plantar, collapsed arches, old age, whatever it is I was just happy to be on that start line! 98 Mounts Bay Harriers had secured places in this heavily oversubscribed Cornwall Grand Prix Series race 2, and huge thanks goes to all the harriers who paid club membership, England Athletics Licence fees and race entry fee to ensure we abided by the rules of no non affiliated runners in the race – it was a bit harem scarem when Hayle came back with our entry reduced by 15 places! but I’m happy to say that all those members who wanted places eventually managed to race due to withdrawals through injuries or other reasons (over 40 changes in the end) In total 531 runners lined up on the narrow-laned start line ready for that manic first mile, where we all think ‘wow, first mile in #.## now keep that going and a definite PB, but we all know we can never keep that pace! Credit where credit is due, well done to Hayle for trying to seed everyone on the start line, it certainly seemed to stop the sea of friendly club runners, holding hands in a long line strung out across the road blocking faster runners progress. Roads were wet and muddy and many comments could be heard from certain ladies (and some men) about how dirty their trainers were becoming! Having a perspective from the first 5th of the race and not the front of the pack, there seemed to be a fair headwind in places and I noticed a few of our more astute athletes used the runner(s) in front as a wind break – great tactics, so some of you do listen! It was great to see lots of familiar MBH faces out on the course shouting encouragement as we passed – am I the only one who really tries to look better than I actually feel when I see friends / family? I think not! That final hill never gets any easier and all I could say in FGtH (Frankie says style, and this was out loud! I must have sounded a right pillock) was ‘relax, relax, relax’ Crossing the finish line I also looked a sight (thanks to young Ben who pointed out that it looked like a dozen slugs had crawled across my chin, I wiped myself off – still better than last year’s carrot soup showing!) I congratulated the others I could see – Pete LeGrice winning by a good margin – for those who don’t know Pete has ‘left us’ for Bristol & West – he will still pull on his MBH shirt for Cornwall Races as he will now be 2nd claim, so that will still pee off a few local runners! On finishing I thought I’d just trot back to ‘encourage’ (read shout at) other runners finishing as I knew they’d love to see me! It was then that I heard the unsettling news that one of our runners had been trampled by a horse near the start – I later found out it was poor Helen Squire, who was involved in the incident. I feel it unwise for me to go into details at this moment as investigations are still in progress – suffice to say, Helen, although badly bruised, shaken and in shock, ripped clothing (that was new) and to rub it in not only was trampled on but also lay in dog shite! Poor Helen – I’m sure everyone sends their best wishes to Helen for a speedy recovery. It was fantastic to see all those ‘newbies’ coming into that finish line a well deserved PB (Paul Hooper will be busy) and hoodie (OK so it was green, had to happen one year) Rumour is that Marazion 10K next year won’t have hoodies!!! WHAT!! I will be writing to Craig / Hayle Runners – ‘thou dost protest!’ So……..fantastic effort by all, but as with most things there will always be winners! This was probably the most successful set of results we have ever seen at Mounts Bay Harriers, which only points to we are still evolving and getting something right, our fantastic coaches and leaders are doing a fantastic job and you, our athletes, are a force to be reckoned with. If this has whet your appetite for another – challenge yourselves guys to the next GP race – Falmouth Half Marathon Sunday 16 March (enter on line) ‘An Res’ the multi terrain 10 miler on Sunday 30 March (club entry at Club) Marazion 10K Podium Positions Men Peter Le Grice – 1st overall and 1st under 35 Neil Eddy – 3rd under 35 Ben Hicks – 1st male under 20 Mark Omori – 3rd male 50-54 Peter Uren – 2nd male 65-69 Phil Sanger – 2nd male 35-39 Men’s team 3rd (just 4 points behind Hayle!) Pete, Neil, Ben H, Gary, Phil & Ben May. – bottle of wine for you if you haven’t had it already Ladies Alice Mary Nicholas 3rd female U35 Karen McClay 1st female 45-49 Anne Waller 2nd female 40-44 Penny Uren 3rd female 65 – 69 Ladies team 2nd!! Alice, Anne, Karen, Rachel T, Jane & Katrina – bottle of wine for you if you haven’t had it already POS TIME NAME 1 0:32:41 LE GRICE, Peter 5 0:35:03 EDDY, Neil 14 0:36:41 HICKS, Ben 19 0:37:21 RICHARDS, Gary 27 0:38:09 SANGER, Phil 32 0:38:23 MAY, Ben 42 0:38:56 HICKSON, Andrew 53 0:39:49 OMORI, Mark 59 0:40:24 KEAREY, Kyle 62 0:40:47 NICHOLAS, Alice 63 0:40:56 MILES, Peter 72 0:41:27 WALLER, Connor 74 0:41:28 JAMES, Ian 83 0:41:44 RUSSELL, Mark 84 0:41:52 WALLER, Anne 96 0:42:38 MATTHEWS, Ian 101 0:43:03 HOADLEY, Ben 106 0:43:28 MCCLAY, Karen 115 0:44:06 TRESIDDER, Rachel 121 0:44:26 WOOD, Jacob 122 0:44:29 POST, Martin 123 0:44:30 THOMSON, Stuart 124 0:44:31 UREN, Peter 127 0:44:45 MANNING, Jane 128 0:44:46 SMITH, Nick 142 0:45:25 JOHANSEN, Miles 143 0:45:28 OLIVER, Adam 165 0:47:04 ANGOVE, Paul 168 0:47:30 RANDALL, Gavin 171 0:47:42 MCNEVIN, Philip 180 0:48:07 TONKIN, Katrina 183 0:48:18 JONES, Nick 191 0:48:30 JONES, Simon MB 213 0:49:26 STOCKMAN, Keith 214 0:49:31 TURTLE, John 218 0:49:45 HIBBERT, Clive 220 0:49:51 TILDESLEY, Daniel 221 0:49:55 WEBB, Helen 226 0:50:02 HOOPER, Paul 231 0:50:19 KEWN, Jeremy 236 0:50:37 BURROWS, Robert 245 0:51:07 ROTHSCHILD, Holly 246 0:51:07 HOSKING, Sasha 250 0:51:14 HOWIS, Steve 266 0:52:00 WISEMAN, Emma 272 0:52:30 HIGGS, Martin 274 0:52:40 LEWIS, Bridget 285 0:53:05 DYMOND, Rob 296 0:53:35 KANE, Duncan 297 0:53:39 KEWN, Nicola 298 0:53:42 NICHOLAS, Stacey 303 0:54:04 TREGEAR, Sarah 309 0:54:32 COLLINSON, Michelle 312 0:54:41 BUNCE, Richard 318 0:54:57 DOBSON, Helen 320 0:55:03 WATKINS, Yvonne 323 0:55:09 CHAPPELL, Lynsey 326 0:55:19 BACKHOUSE, Eden 349 0:56:37 RIDGE, Marie 350 0:56:40 KNOWLES, Cat 355 0:56:59 LAY, Eve 357 0:57:08 RIGGS, Paul 372 0:58:09 JAMES, Joyce 375 0:58:18 DAVIES, Pippa 383 0:58:40 PULLEN, Tim 386 0:58:42 PRADY, Liz 387 0:58:47 THOMSON, Rachel 393 0:59:25 TREWHELLA, Chris 396 0:59:40 UREN, Penny 400 1:00:18 RULE, Roger 402 1:00:29 JAMES, Sue 403 1:00:29 TILDESEY, Amy 405 1:00:35 STONE, Jackie 414 1:01:00 MATTHEWS, Susan 417 1:01:03 PROSSER, Amanda 419 1:01:10 JOHNS, Sue 424 1:01:53 DYMOND, Steph 425 1:01:53 RICHARDS, Anita 432 1:02:37 BACKHOUSE, Claire 436 1:02:49 FANELLI, Kerry 456 1:04:19 RICHARDSON, Nicola 457 1:04:19 BYRNE, Carly 458 1:04:19 JONES, Emma 465 1:05:12 EVANS, Cinnamon 467 1:05:14 JAMES, Amanda 481 1:08:31 CARBRY, Sarah 485 1:09:05 HARVEY, Dan 486 1:09:05 LUGG, Dan 487 1:09:06 LAWRY, Jen 488 1:09:41 DREW, Talwyn 491 1:11:05 SHROSBEE, Bridget 493 1:12:13 KENT, Charlotte 498 1:13:59 POYNTER, Clare 519 1:19:58 ROGERS, Verity 523 1:22:32 SHARP, Katherine 526 1:26:46 SHARP, Claire