10 mile Club Time Trial – B3302 Leedstown – Thur, 31 May @ 7.00pm

Well another dry, if not windier evening for another go at this 10 mile time trial. A few more MBH out tonight, Nick H, Shawny G, Gus G, Marie, Yvonne and myself and John F (who raced under the guise if Truro, but he’s one of ours really!)

Nick H taking part in his very first time trial, likened it to a ‘first day at school’ feeling!! He had nothing to worry about as he stormed around in a little over 25 minutes finishing 3rd – Gus, back from all that coaching from Troy everyday on board ship, and complaining of tired legs from racing in the Navy champs yesterday still kicked my butt with a 26.?? Shawny G who we’ve seen come from newby to now half ironman triathlete, another pair of tired legs from yesterdays race, also kicked my butt (I think I need one of those Scott M super go faster aero helmets!?) finished in a little over 28 minutes? myself who just managed to knock 8 seconds, yes 8 seconds!! from my time 2 weeks ago – PB is now 28.52. John Faz, amazed me as he zoomed around in about 26 minutes and finished 6th? He kept his cycling skill quiet!!! We’ll get him at the club and then perhaps he’ll enter the next duathlon on the 20th June – Yvonne also managed to beat her time from 2 weeks ago (must ‘ave been that chicken you ‘ad for tea!) and Marie who is still getting to grips with this bike, run, swim, train, life put in an excellent first outing –

Lots of really good cyclists from PZW and Cyclelogic tonight and loads of expensive looking wheels and bikes – but I don’t think we let ourselves down at all – come on you guys and gals there’s room for more in 2 weeks time – lets see who’s the fastest over 10 miles!! might even incorporate a prize at our annual presentation night for it.

Once again an excellent organised really fun event (although it does hurt at the time!) put on by Penzance Wheelers – check out their website www.pzwheelers.co.uk for results and reports.


Anybody know of a Guy de Selincourt who raced under the MBH name at the recent 25 mile time trial organised by Exeter wheelers??!!!

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