Force 8 winds and horizontal rain, fog and overflowing rivers. Oh boy!!
To be honest in my mind was to cancel the planned route and substitute a much safer mainly road but coastal route.
I had managed to put out most of the moorland direction signs the previous day but there were still a few more to put up on the day, and even driving to these points needed a bit of rally driving. Diabolical
However much to my surprise around 40 or so turned out and even when I suggested that an easier alternative route was available no one wanted to do it. All were up for a bog snorkelling yomping fall on your face run….
Fortunatley for me I was injured and so could only do safety cover etc. phew!
I said that Ferrero Rocher chocolates would be given to anyone who either didn’t fall over or who nearly didn’t fall over… Not that many were given out!
Many thanks to a couple of 15 year old marshalls plus dad who had volunteered out of the blue to help out from Carnon Downs. Damian (dad) Patrick and Harry who did an excellent job at the top of Carn Galva in the thick fog and driving rain.
Mark Omori took up initial lead runner with walkie talkie aided by sweepers Ian M and Jer M also with radio comms.
All seemed to go to plan amazingly with no one getting injured and no one getting lost. How is that possible with the prevailing weather conditions and Mark O leading???
All standards of runners turned out from sub 6min milers to over 10 min milers and surprisingly all seemed to enjoy it.
A large contingent turned up from Falmouth road runners. Thanks for the support. Plus about 4 dogs from various people.
Nice bit of runners soup supplied by the Gurnards Head hotel at the end, and a’ THANK GOD THAT WENT OK’ feeling by me.
Im going to finish up by congratulating Amanda, Steph, Sarah, Penny, Claire and Bridgitte who completed this route in the most appalling conditions having only taken up running in the last few months.These are 5 of several others who started out in the beginners running group and have progressed in the intermediate group on a Monday night lead by Mark O, Jeremy M and myself
And obviously they have worked hard outside of Monday nights as they would never have been able to complete this route otherwise. Well done.
Maybe we will do this route in the Summer. Its a plan.
happy new year Geoff