5th Jubilee Pool Aquathlon 2010 results

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The last event of the series attracted 56 competitors. We knew numbers would be down due to Truro Half Marathon and Bodmin Triathlon taking place the following day, as well as various weddings, parties, work commitments, etc.

Pete Le Grice stormed home in first place – putting in a run time of 9:59, which is the fastest run time of the series to date.

Kyle Kearey, fresh from competing in Budapest and announcing the fact that he is soon to be a Dad, came second with Allan Reid (who actually turned up early for once) finishing in third place.

The male juniors must have all been out on the town as the usual attendees weren’t there. Jack Hoare put in a great performance finishing two seconds behind Charlotte Hurst, with Robin Watson in second. Wilf Whitehouse, who was competing in his first aquathlon, picked up third place.

After a bit of confusion and ageing Sam Lewis by six years, the male veterans’ first prize went to Anthony Stevenson with Will Luckhurst in second place. Shay Bowen was two seconds behind Will in third place.

charlotte-hurstCharlotte Hurst came sixth overall and was first woman home. 13-year-old Vicky Burlingham was second and veteran, Sasha Osborne, third. (I think I mixed up the results on the night and gave Lowenna Jones third place.)

Juniors were first Lowenna Jones (Vicky already having picked up second female overall), second Amy Jolly and third Natasha Mundell.

Veterans were first Tamsin Eddy (Sasha already placed third overall), second Jackie Roberts and third Dorinda Outram. (Sorry, Dorinda, due to my mistake I gave a junior an extra prize instead of you a veteran’s one!)

The series was the three best times out of five events. Neil Eddy only completed three events but he still managed to come first putting in exceptional times at each event. Pete Le Grice, despite improving every month, picked up second with Kyle Kearey in third.

The junior males were placed first Jordan Roberts, second Matt Trewhella and third Tom Wood.

Vets prizes went to Will Luckhurst, Anthony Stevenson and Mark Worledge being first, second and third respectively.

Alice Nicholas won the female seniors prize with Charlotte Hurst second and Natalie Walker in third place.

amy-jollyVicky Burlingham easily won the female juniors series, followed by team-mate Amy Jolly with Imogen Terry in third.

Sasha Osborne was the clear winner in the female veterans’ category, with Tamsin Eddy in second and Jackie Roberts in third.

Many thanks to everyone who has taken part in this year’s series – over 150 different competitors!

And of course my thanks go to the countless marshals who I keep asking for help from, week after week, throughout the year – many, many thanks, and sorry if I shout at any of you! Hopefully everyone who marshaled last night got a Roses chocolate (or two). Thanks to Jubilee Pool’s manager, Kathryn Osborne, who gave us the tin!

Thanks to Shay, without whose help at poolside, I wouldn’t have been able to take part in any of the events.

Many thanks to MBH for my high viz cycling jacket with flashing lights – If I get hit whilst wearing that the driver needs his eyes testing!

List of those who completed all five events:
(Hopefully you all picked up your special memento of the series!!)
John Allen
Richard Boucher
Shay Bowen
Nick Brooks
Vicky Burlingham
Ben Eddy
Tamsin Eddy
Samuel Heath
Jack Hoare
Kenneth Horwell
Stuart Jenkins
Amy Jolly
Pete LeGrice
Samuel Lewis
Phil McNevin
Sasha Osborne
Dorinda Outram
Jackie Roberts
Tony Rowell
Imogen Terry
Mark Thomas McLean
Chris Trewhella
Yvonne Turner
Yvonne Watkins
Robin Watson

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