An Resek 2012 – Pete Le Grice wins!

Gorgeous day except for the more than brisk Easterly, meaning a head wind accross Loe Bar up the steep coastal path climb to Gunwalloe and onto Culdrose before at last the respite of a tail wind for most of the final 3 or so miles back to the finish. At least the going under foot was dry.
A few cock ups I have to say.

There were 2 start lines??!! of which most runners headed for the wrong one initially. But anyway, that sorted out, off we all hurtled on the dizzy downhill first mile through Helston, except that is for Pete Le Grice , Dan Alsop and a few others who turned left at the bottom of Trengrouse Way after 800 m and went up Meneage street rather than turning right and going down it. Sorry, but what was that marshall doing???

I carried on my merry way in the company of 3 Cornwall AC runners, Neville Witham 55 age cat plus Rob Beckett and Mark Trebilcock 50 age cat as we chatted to each other until we got to Loe Bar. Then we stopped chatting.

Neville and Rob were just in front of me but I know from experience if I run far to the left of the ridge the going is much firmer. They were heading for the centre as everyone else had done. My dilemma was, do I follow them and use them as a wind shield or go left, confront the wind but have firmer ground.

I tried to get the best of both worlds by shouting to Neville “go left it’s firmer”. Both Rob and Neville did but I went even further left, overtook them both after 50 m and headed off into the distance. Or so i thought.

The climb off the beach at 5 miles is just so hard and you really do have to dig in but I seemed to be hanging on to those in front and even made some ground.

I hit the wall at 8.5 miles and inevitably Rob and Neville overtook me but I sort of hung on to their shirt tails to the finish.

Disappointed with my time but it was half a mile further than the last time I ran it, and I cant fathom why that extra loop was added in?

Now then… The presentations, ah yes!

First of all the trophies for the first 2 male and female competitors were missing so just a handshake. The chap with the tannoy had it facing the ground, spoke quietly, had the microphone about a foot from his mouth and on top of that had problems pronouncing peoples names. Or maybe he didn’t have his glasses, I dunno, but I ended up as Geoff Latchford, Revis Crowle was Reevis Crowle, Neville Witham was Neal Witham and I daren’t repeat what I think he called Pete Le Grice and Fiona Reutsch.

However it was a great 10 miler except for the last 7 miles.

Worth mention,
Pete Le Grice won it outright in 56.34!!!
Gus Gusterson 1.05.45
Rich Savage 1.06.11
Mat Lawless well up there.

Age cat results…

Geoff Letchford 1st over 60 male 1.10.41
Suzy Taylor 1st over 55 female 1.25.13
Clive Hibbert 3rd over 65 male 1.27.29
Eileen Milsam 1st over 60 female 1.42.52

Special menton to Iva McNevin for completing her first 10 miler in the company of Yvonne watkins.

Full results HERE

Hope I havent forgotten anything.

Bring on the 5 milers!

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