A busy weekend of racing at the beginning of February

The first weekend in February saw various Harriers members take on some very different challenges in different locations across the UK.

A large contingent of Harriers made their way to Newquay on a frosty Sunday morning for the Newquay 10k event, the second race of the Grand Prix Road Running series. John McWilliams was first Harrier back in 35.15 with Ruth Glover being the first lady back in 45.16. There were age group prizes for John Doyle & Janet Haynes, both coming second in their respective age groups. Robyn Coatsworth was 1st in the under 20’s age group. All the Harriers enjoyed this well organised event.

On Friday the RaidLight Arc of Attrition organised by local events group Mudcrew was back for the 100 mile event & the inaugural 50 miles. These events play out on the Coast Path with the 100 miler starting in Coverack at midday on the Friday & the 50 miler at the Minnack on the Saturday morning. A couple of Harriers tackled these challenging events, made harder this year by the cold winds & sleet. Unfortunately, the conditions meant that Gary Richards was the Harriers only finisher, completing the 50 mile event in 11.59.49. Gary commented that he found the event brutal but he was pleased to finish in just under the 12 hours.

At Parkrun, the free weekly timed 5k events, Peter LeGrice is currently the UK’s fastest Male Parkrunner, setting a time of 14.48 at Penrose recently.

Finally, up in London, sisters Emma & Sarah Johns ran a slightly different 10k – the London Winter Run where the theme was helped by the very cold weather. They finished in times of 1.12.25 & 1.04.35 respectively & said they had enjoyed the experience.

Newquay results –
Place  Name.  ChipTime

13. John McWILLIAMS MBH 35:15
57. Jan WOLF MBH 39:53
76. Tom BERRYMAN MBH 41:16
82. John DOYLE MBH 41:39
151. Ruth GLOVER MBH 45:16
153. Ian MATTHEWS MBH 45:21
157. Janet HAYNES MBH 45:35
167. Nigel SIMS MBH 45:38
169. Paul ANGOVE MBH 46:19
278. Tracey NICHOLLS MBH 50:14
289. Simon BLACKBURN MBH 50:31
300. Robyn COATSWORTH MBH 50:35
315. Rebecca WILDING MBH 51:02
326. Michelle DYER MBH 51:32
400. Antony PENHAUL MBH 54:26
437. Paul HOOPER MBH 56:10
448. Sam ROWE MBH 56:34
470. Susan MATTHEWS MBH 57:25
476. Marie Ann CANN MBH 57:31
512. Sandra TRELEVEN MBH 58:46
569. Caleb MUNDAY MBH 1:01:08
570. Terri MUNDAY MBH 1:01:08
579. Chris OAKES MBH 1:01:15
600. Mark SQUIRE MBH 1:02:22
610. Jackie STONE MBH 1:03:00
657. Deborah STURGES MBH 1:06:19
690. Julie BOLITHO MBH 1:08:30
703. Helen SQUIRE MBH 1:10:30
771. Sue COATES MBH 1:27:54

Below Harriers at Newquay

Bottom – Robyn Coatsworth, John Doyle & Janet Haynes at Newquay