An Resek Race Report 2007-04-01 (GS point of view)

8.30am the trusty MBH bus rolled its way to Helston minus a few of our more infamous runners (Matt F, Tim D, Janet C, Carl & Susie H, Geoff C, Tim P, Carol R) for which we would pay the price later in the team trophy stakes.

The weather seemed perfect for a pleasant 10 miles (and a bit) that included on road, off road, sandy beach, coastal path and even grass now that’s multi terrain! But as we would soon discover, looks can be deceiving – the wind in places was horrendous and very cold.

Not the ideal race preparation for some, Ian, Sue, Yvonne, Graham, Nancy & Delia were all concerted out at the T Rextasy gig at The Acorn the night before, and Ian & Sue even managed an Indian at 1am (Sue would pay for this the whole way round the race not too much detail here)

Steve H and his mate Martin, Fiona, our number 1 supporter, and Graham (Yvonnes other half) completed the minibus gang – Minibus parked and into registration.

The race preparation trophy must go to Geoff L and Nigel who spent their Saturday night on a mountain bike pubcrawl! Geoff I reckon was still rocking when I saw him at the race start, and tales of drunken crashes amused all.

Our Helston crew arrived Scott “Mad” Markham even cycled over from Penzance! Gus, Shawn and a determined looking Matt. A smiling Steph M appeared, and for the first time I have known it, she was complaining of being tired (rest is a weapon Steph, remember that!).

Inside the new Helston RFC it was good to see our trusty band of “older runners” John P, Steve C and John D and soon to arrive “hair, tights and MP3 man” Marky Mark Omori, Jer M, Marie U, Louise C, Chris T (who had banned his other half Louise from running! That’ll cost you!) and Mike E , Dave Austin, our super fit male vet 60 – 64 popped his head around the door, which was good to see, as we would be running The FLM in 3 weeks together!

A poorly HFS, Mrs HFS, Mrs Shawny G, Serena, Scotts Mrs ( heavily laden with child) injured Tim, Caz, his Mrs and little Olivia all turned out to support and thanks everyone – nice s****ing wagon by the way Tim! (I didn’t really say that)

Off to the start line – 406 runners in the middle of the road!! A quick club photie, Gus’s idea to get everyone at the front for the press photos! Doesn’t matter that you’re gonna get run over by 800 other feet at least you’ll be in the papers – and 10.30 we were off!!

A very fast first mile down through Helston town centre, out past Flora motors, onto the path into Penrose estate (why does it feel I’m going backwards at the start?) Now I hate this bit! Terrified of twisted ankles etc and my point proved by some poor chap in front falling flat on his face in front of me – he got up cut and shaken and carried on (and beat me may I say – next time I’ll kick him when he’s down as well as ankle tapping him).

Perhaps Nancy and Marie can explain exactly what happened here! (ask them, but don’t say I told you – IT’S A RACE!!!).

It’s always a great sight to see as you turn left up towards Looe Bar all the runners coming down the path after you I think – well I did until most of the buggers passed me!

Onto the beach – bugger, bugger, bugger, It’s not easy is it? Small fast strides, light feet – that’s what they say in the coaching manuals – it didn’t seem to work for me.

Up onto the cliff path – now I like this bit. I must be a bit sick but I do like running up hills! Over took about 10 here and caught a good quality group to run with – couple of Hayle, Newquay, the poor bloke who fell, Ironwoman Lisa from Wadebridge Running Store, Colin B who puts together the cornwallroadrunning site, and a few others. It was good as I managed to shield some of that ferocious wind – I could see Scott about 100 m in front . Geoff L, now feeling the effects of his over indulgence the night before, at 7 miles started to flag a little, reaching the top (Culdrose was opposite) and onto the narrow footpath we went ? bugger ? trapped!!! Single file, I just couldn?t get past ? I could see John W pulling away in pursuit of Scott.

Lisa and myself, who were both struggling at this point, really helped pull me along, and thanks to her.

Why is that final home stretch so far, yet in your mind is only a short distance? Hard windy and cold we fly past Flambards and onto the entrance to the rugby club ? The finish aint there Nancy!! The sadistic B******ds made you run round the field!

Over line, not a sprint finish for me, as no one to catch (they?d all beaten me) and that was it!! For another year anyway, 10.1 miles. A little disappointed, but can?t be really as I just haven?t done the training.

T shirt or vest and a bottle of beer! Sorted!

That Matt Pullen, I?ve said it before and I?ll say it again, he finished 1st today, but he?s really a triathlete (Tri Logic) he?s going places I tell you, mark my words.

As a club, we managed to finish 4th in the mens team stakes, not bad considering the number of injuries and omissions the team had ? one day we?ll all turn out, be fit and then LOOK OUT!

In the ladies team, as Yvonne says we need more runners not talkers! Come on Yvonne be realistic ? women who don?t talk at any opportunity? IMPOSSIBLE

Highlights of the race must go to John P, who finished 1st in his age group 50 ? 54 (again!) and will maintain his overall 1st position in the GP and also to Steve C who finished 3rd in the same category (I knew you were ill at Blaythorne Steve!) and not to forget a 7th place overall in MBHs fastest time for Matt S – watch out all you TRI people as he’s gonna be flying this season!

Overall an excellent, well run race, all for a good cause ? did you see that bloke who ran all the way round with one of those shelter boxes on his back? RESPECT

MBH results?can be seen by clicking link below, race?pictures to appear soon.


MBH An Resek Results Here

and some pics, courtesy of Fiona Treseder:

The Mighty Bay

The Mighty Bay II

Graham Storer

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