An Resek Race Report

susiet.jpgI arrived at Helston Rugby Club at 9am to be confronted with a bit of a mud bath for cars trying to get into the parking area, it wasnt raining, but the ground didnt know that! Cars were already spinning and getting stuck – the marshalls were trying to keep cars off the pitch but this was proving impossible because of so many cars getting stuck.

Ian M, Mark O, Jeremy M, myself and newly recruited Rachel T had a plan!! We / I considered ourselves to be of similar pace and so thought we would try and run this as a ‘ pod ‘  pacemaking each other. This seemed a good idea at the time, however, the first 3 miles worked well for 3 of us – Mark was keen to participate  to the point of nearly elbowing me out of the way on the first down hill mile. and so from then on on as we approached every keep left bollard I kept well out of his way.

Unfortunatley Ian M was unwell and suffering injury so didnt feature in the greater plan. Mark O did a damn good job with me over the first 3 miles but appeared to wipe himself out in the process (later that day Mark had come down with the dreaded man flu) that left Jeremy M and Phil S (who we don’t see racing very often due to being an ace windsurfer) to carry on with me for the next few miles.

It was again a pleasant run down through the estate and onto the dreaded Looe bar beach!  Why does everyone insist on following in a line of soft sand footsteps.

I went to the right, as i do every year, following a much harder line where grass was growing and nice hard rocks to take off on.

I must have overtaken 10 or more across the bar closely followed by Phil S and Jeremy M, and then, oh boy ! a climb of 200′ over a mile on the coast path into Gunwalloe. Lots of mud!! This is a single file track so if you’re stuck behind someone who doesn’t get on with hills you’re a bit knackered to pass – I understand at this point Ian could have leaned forward and pinched Fiona Rs bum – she must have seen him as she finished 2 minutes ahead at the finish – never mind Ian, beaten by a woman! We also hear Janet C decided to either get carried over the mud or pussy foot around it as she returned to the finish looking cleaner than when she started?!? How does she do that?

As you approach Gunwalloe you see the 6 mile marker – is that really all weve done? another 4 to go? oh no, please not, when I see the next marker I will still have 3 miles to go and I felt at that point i couldn’t be arsed with it and really felt like packing it in – fortunately I still had Jeremy and Phil with me who were dragging me on – the pod thing was working

The water point in Gunwalloe proved interesting.

I’m short sighted and don’t wear glasses when I’m running as they steam up, so as I approached the drink stop , Jeremy yelled out ‘ DRINKS’   which took me by surprise. I went for the two people holding their hands out on the right…………as it happens they had cameras in their hands not water cups and I nearly ended up with a nice replacement for my old brick. Slightly embarrassing.

I missed the 7 mile marker somehow. must have been thinking about the Pirates losing yesterday……..or Jordan ! NAH!

So the 8 mile marker came as a complete surprise and amazingly i was even beginning to overhaul people, now this is unknown for me over 10 miles – 10 miles may as well be a marathon for me.

Last year I went out for a pub crawl bike ride the night before with some friends. including Nigel S, he fell off twice and me once, because of this I really suffered over the last 2 miles of last years race.

Lesson learned – this year I went to bed early, no beer, well not much any way, and all the right sorts of food and vitamins, and i have to say, it paid off – 1 and a half mins faster than last year and a sprint finish.

Now…. talking about sprint finishes – Sam, (Elvis, lock up your daughters Perkin)  was finishing with Nancy H. instead of doing the gentlemanly thing of finishing together, he destroyed her over the last 50 metres. If he didn’t carry so many gels, water bottles, music system, GPS, camelback he be at least a stone lighter and run a lot faster! Good Luck in London Sam

time for me to give a bit of sprint training to Nancy i think?

Although MBH werent anywhere near full strength, everybody ran well – Gus, John, Jer, Phil, Ian, Mark, Rachel, Sam, Nancy, Shay, Susie, Paul, Yvonne, Dave, Janet, Rob,Chris Liz and Ian G – we did especially well in in the age categories.

these are extremley competetive areas.

John P 1 st over 50 in an amazing time of 65.56 and 22 nd overall.

Gus Gusterson 21st overall  65.45

me 3rd over 55

Sue T 1st over 55

Nancy 15 mins faster than last year.(that’s because she didn’t stop to tie a competitors shoe lace for them this year) 

Mark 4 mins faster than last year but obviously suffering at the end.

There is a big break before the next GP at Cubert. 2 months away but it’s only 5 miles. Speed training Thursdays I think – bring it on.

Summer coming so hopefully we can get a couple of Sunday morning cliff path or moor runs in before then.

So lets make a date for those interested.

April 20 Sunday  9am. route to be decided but depending on weather, probably Morvah to Zennor area. between 6 and 8 miles


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