Any Which Way You Can – Sunday, 16 January 2011

January 16, 2011
9:00 am

15ish miles of multi-terrain self-nav – Entry form HERE

Axe Valley Runners’ Website HERE

Yet another event from the Asylum of Running!
Find your own way between checkpoints using skill, judgement or following someone else!
Local knowledge, navigational ability and/or willingness to get hopelessly lost required!
Handicapped start times based upon Grizzly results (estimated from marathon or half marathon time if necessary); slowest handicap counts if running with a friend (if you have any)!
Answer numeric questions at each checkpoint to prove you’ve been there then add them together … first correct answer handed in at the finish wins!
Writing implement or good memory required!
A calculator may be advantageous for the arithmetically-challenged!
Very low-key … no markings, no marshals, no support … you start, you try not to get lost, you do some sums, you finish!
Dirt cheap entry fee of a mere three quid (a fiver if unattached) but you will have to make your own tea at the finish!
Hopefully some warm pasties!
All profits to either the Lean, Mean Beer Fund or Seaton Scouts by majority vote!
More exclamation marks than any other race!

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