Bideford Half Marathon – Sunday, 2 March 2008

If you haven’t done this event before then you should!  It’s a fast, flat(ish) half marathon where you’re bound to get a good time.  I’ve knocked two minutes off of last year’s time today, so I’m quite happy with that.  The course runs along the road parallel with the Camel Trail, it only has a couple of slight hills in it, and then at the half-way mark you turn onto the Camel Trail back to Bideford which is virtually flat.

Weather was ideal – brilliant sunshine with a slight breeze.  Only two of us from MBH turned up (and one of them was second claim!)  Instead of t-shirts they were giving away bath towels in a nice dark blue which match nicely with those given away at Blaythorne previously.

Bideford Half 2008 Results

Next week we have the Duchy Marathon, Duchy 20, The Grizzly at Seaton and Wadebridge Duathlon, as well as the Exmouth Aquathlon – click on the Event Calendar for further details.

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