Blaythorne 10 2008 – Vets show the way

27 Mounts Bay Harriers found thier way up the by-pass to Holmans Social Club to run this year’s Blaythorne 10 miler hosted by Carn Runners.

The first race of the 2008 Grand Prix series is always a little testing after the usual over indulgance of Christmas but this didn’t seem to deter over half of the MBH crew who managed new PBs (some by a considerable amount of minutes)

The weather was a lot kinder than a couple of years ago but not as nice as last year I thought – dry at the start, a little bit of wind, that seemed quite a breeze if you found yourself stuck on your own and not in a group and towards the end a nice refreshing light rain started to fall.

Once again the start took, I think, mostly all by surprise! Bring back the starting gun! (There’s a job opportunity for you there Mark) and everybody charged down the road – myself once again stupidly doing the first mile in about 6.10! I was gonna pay for that (and I did) I didn’t see Tim, Matt, Don or John at all, Jeremy passed me about 2 miles in and I thought I’ll just sit behind him and hopefully he’ll pull me through – wrong I found myself on my own and watched Jeremy and his group slowly pull away – then Sam came into site – full back pack and wired for sound (I reckon he had his Elvis outfit in the rucksack for later?) for the next few miles (3 -4) I had the pleasure of following Fiona (Arnaud’s wife) and another Haylite young lady, nice view but I should’ve been concentrating on the task in hand as Nigel, who was taking it ‘easy’ due to injury and testing his pace, flew past with Geoff – I’ll try and stick with them – (previous content removed cause Janet said I should!!) Back to the race………I sat in with Geoff till about mile 5 when my hip decided it had had enough – I was worried about my calf, this was a new one – Geoff slowly started to pull away – too far for me to catch at the end – the last mile and a half were tough, Fiona breathing down my neck and I’m thinking not today Fiona, Arnaud would never let me forget it.

That last half a mile is a killer, I’m never quite sure where the finish is! I managed to hold on by 18 seconds to Fiona but 13 seconds behind Geoff and over 2 minutes slower that last year.

Well done to Viv who I think may have been bitten by the racing bug again, Shay, who I hope will try and make a few more races this year, Yvonne, here we go again Yvonne! Sam P who is going from strength to strength, Charlotte and Clive (the furthest they have ever run) Paul H who will do well I reckon with this season’s triathlons, Robert and Tim who all seemed to finish strong and look pretty fresh – come to think of it I looked the worst!

It was great to see Chris, Delia, Sue, Geoff look pretty comfortable crossing the line – Well Done all

10 PBs Tim D – 13 secs, Matt F 2.02, Don H 1.00, Nigel 1.17, Jeremy 48 sec, Geoff L 21 sec, Mark 3.45, Nancy-a whopping 9.27, Janet 2.07 and Robert Bainbridge 7.47 – these do not include the 11 runners who posted a time over this new distance for them

Tim D 5th place overall and 3rd in AG, John D 1st in AG, Geoff L 3rd in AG, Susie T 2nd in AG Mens 55+ veteran team (4 to count) that’s Geoff L, Viv M, Clive H and Robert Bainbridge 3rd and FIRST ladies 50+ vets team (3 to count) that’s Susie T, Liz P and Janet C.

The PBs have all been updated and e mailed to Don to post – it was strange registering new PBs and runners were dropping in the rankings – we must be encouraging a higher calibre of athlete!?!? 

Well done to all those whose this was their first run over this distance, let alone race – It all points towards a good season – keep the training going and let’s see what we can pull out of the bag at the Mounts Bay 10K

On a very, very sad note, unfortunately I only found out after the race and it cut me up quite bad that Alfie (MBH) Jer (HRR) and my mate Colin lost their mum yesterday as a result of the road traffic accident in Heamoor on Christmas Eve – mine and the whole of our club’s sympathy goes out to you all and if there’s anything we can do just ask – I am so sorry

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