Blaythorne 2009 – 10 miles – Geoff L reports

Well! Yes it is Winter and one must expect inclement weather. But God almighty. Lightning and hailstones!

The start was delayed by 15 minutes due to  flooding further down the course?

I warmed up with a jog down the road towards Barripper. Cross country skis would have been safer.

I was eyeing the next storm brewing  which looked as if it could hit in just about that 15 minutes. Fortunately it passed us by.

10 miles! Not my favourite distance, but for once in my life I had trained for it.

I wanted to make a statement of intent to my age cat rivals. Malc Roberts of St Austell {purple shirts} and Alan Cooper of Truro running club {blue shirts}. However, Alan was nowhere to be seen?

Last year I did this race in 70.48. My P.B. ever for 10 miles [also at Blaythorne] 10 years ago is 68.45. And my time today…. 64.23!!! I think my biological clock  has malfunctioned or gone into reverse?

3 miles in 18.18.  Oh god that’s near enough my 3 mile race pace averaging 6.06 a mile. And only 7 more miles to go!  “Nah ” I thought. This is far too fast so I took my foot off the pedal. And guess what? Next mile 6.06! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve really got to ease off or I’m gonna die?

6 miles 38.30, now that’s near enough my flat out 10k pace. Got to slow down. Don’t recognize anyone around me  and feel out of my comfort zone.

7 miles  and at last a friendly face appears on my shoulder. Neville Witham of CAC. Not my age group, but at least I felt in safe company. What am I saying for chrissakes! I’m willing people  to come up and pass me!!

Mile 8 and John Parkes MBH my old running partner of 20 years eases up on me and gives me a shhh sign, pointing at Neville 5 metres in front. They are in the same age cat.

Now I’m beginning to get a bit worried. With these 2 now just ahead means that Malc Roberts can’t be far behind.

8.5 miles and I catch a glimpse of a purple shirt just behind my right shoulder. He’s not passing, in fact I suspect he’s hiding?  It’s got to be Malc? 2 or 3 times I try and take a peek but he’s definitley being sneaky.

9 miles and Malc shows his face. Now we’ve got a race on. All of a sudden Don Hutchison, MBH, blasts past us both shouting  “DEATH TO THE ENGLISH “! [He’s Scottish by the way] Well actually no, he  shouted ” GO ON GEOFF”  with his fist in the air and his kilt flapping. Frightened the sh*t out of me anyway. And Malcolm, I think.

400 metres left and Malc and I are engrossed  in our private battle. We both step up a gear, re pass the mad Scotsman and go for broke.Yet again I’ve beaten him by 1 second ! That’s the 3rd time that’s happened in the last year.

So worthy of note:

OUT OF 400:

Tim Drew 4th overall in 56.39 !! outstanding.

Mike Robinson 9th overall  in 59.47 excellent.

John Parkes 30th overall  in 64.16 and 2nd in over 50 age cat.

Geoff Letchford 32nd overall  in 64.23 and 1st in over 55 age cat.

Don Hutchison  35th overall  in 64.29.

All the above plus Jeremy Gusterson got 3rd overall team prize [6 to count]

Also :

Tim Drew 3rd under 40 male.

Sue Taylor 1st  over 55 female.

Rachel Tresidder 3rd under 35 female.

We also got team prize for 3rd male vet over 55 [ 4 to count]

Geoff Letchford

Rob Bainbridge

Clive Hibbert

Dave Marston

30 M.B.H. turned out and as ever ran their hardest.

MBH position & times

4 0:56:39 DREW, Tim Male under 40 05:39.8
9 0:59:47 ROBINSON, Michael Male under 40 05:58.6
30 1:04:16 PARKES, John Male Vet 50-54 06:25.5
32 1:04:23 LETCHFORD, Geoff Male Vet 55-59 06:26.2
35 1:04:29 HUTCHISON, Don Male Vet 45-49 06:26.8
48 1:06:35 GUSTERSON, Jeremy Male Vet 40-44 06:39.4
65 1:08:07 STEPHENS, Alastair Male under 40 06:48.6
70 1:08:30 MATTHEWS, Ian Male Vet 40-44 06:50.9
74 1:09:03 MARSTON, Jeremy Male under 40 06:54.2
83 1:09:53 OMORI, Mark Male Vet 45-49 06:59.2
102 1:12:01 GIMBERT, Shawn Male under 40 07:12.0
108 1:12:23 TRESIDDER, Rachel Female under 35 07:14.2
118 1:13:53 PERKIN, Sam Male under 40 07:23.2
131 1:14:51 RUETSCH, Arnaud Male Vet 45-49 07:29.0
162 1:17:47 HOLDEN, Charlie Male under 40 07:46.6
163 1:18:01 HIBBERT, Clive Male Vet 60-64 07:48.0
164 1:18:01 TAYLOR, Sue Female Vet 55-59 07:48.0
176 1:18:44 HOOPER, Paul Male Vet 45-49 07:52.3
235 1:24:21 BURROWS, Robert Male Vet 50-54 08:26.0
248 1:25:18 MARSTON, David Male Vet 60-64 08:31.7
250 1:25:27 WEBB, Helen Female under 35 08:32.6
297 1:30:10 SQUIRE, Mark Male Vet 50-54 09:00.9
304 1:31:05 PRADY, Liz Female Vet 50-54 09:06.4
307 1:31:15 WILLIAMS, Owen Male under 40 09:07.4
308 1:31:21 PETERS, Trina Female Vet 40-44 09:08.0
333 1:34:04 BAINBRIDGE, Robert Male Vet 55-59 09:24.2
336 1:34:47 SQUIRE, Helen Female Vet 45-49 09:28.5
337 1:34:53 BAKER, Pippa Female Vet 45-49 09:29.1
339 1:35:24 MATTHEWS, Susan Female Vet 45-49 09:32.2
346 1:36:13 TRESEDER, Delia Female Vet 45-49 09:37.1
363 1:40:39 PULLEN, Tim Male Vet 50-54 10:03.7

Full results here

Tip of the day. If you want to get your photo in the paper, run beside the lead female runner. I managed it with Emma Stallard of CAC for 3 miles, but couldn’t keep up.

And thank you to Barrie Cardew of Carn Runners [ My old club] for good organization, but you’re a cheeky git for saying ” There must be some mistake here “, when you read out my name for the winner’s trophy!

Geoff Letchford

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