Bodmin Triathlon 2011

What started off as such a nice day didn?t finish up that way! The sun was shining as I left Penzance for Bodmin ? by the way thanks for my early morning wake up text from Clive H who was obviously up and about ready for pick up for Treggy from Pangove.
Race instructions were to get to Dragon leisure centre before 10.45 to register and listen to mandatory race briefing, even tho? I knew I probably would be off swimming till about 1.30! that?ll teach me to lie about my swim time!
I met up with Rich B, Rob B, Julian W, Jonno G from MBH as well as loads of familiar local faces, 119 entries, it was great to see newlyweds Mr & Mrs Player and listened to how poor Lisa completed her IM distance Big Woody even after going the wrong way on the bike and finishing with only 2 people left to cheer her in (one of them was Garry!) no T Shirt either?! Only 35 doing event? And ?135 -wow
Registering I picked up my timing chip, numbers etc, but no T shirt! As I ?had only just entered? I?d actually sent in my entry form months ago but it apparently hadn?t arrived ? I even sent it in at least 8 weeks ago as it was before I nearly broke my bloody ankle doing the last leg of the Classic Quarter thing, but being the cheapskate I am I wasn?t going to give Cornwall Council ?22 of my money for nothing, so even with dodgy ankle and a hammy as tight as bleeding banjo string I was going to start (more than I can say for Mr Perkin who didn?t even show!) Managed to get the Leisure centre to eventually put the athletics on and watch Mo win ? funny quote of the day from the ladies behind the cafe ? ?Can?t put the athletics on I?m afraid we are a sports venue ? me ?so what are you going to put on the telly?? Cafe ladies ?The music channel of course? Why didn?t I know that!!!
Dave Pell was looking in top form as was Chris Dominey,but favourite had to be youngster Gareth Smith from Camel, the age groups had changed this year also, for example, last year it was 40-44, 45- 45 etc, this year it was 40-49! (and I was looking forward to my new AG!)
I watched some of the early swimmers go off, always amazed at everyones different techniques, If that?s what they?re doing on top the water, I wonder what?s going on under it?
Richard Duane from St Austell Tri seemed to love swimming that much that even after the lane counter inserted the RED float TWICE he carried on swimming! 22 lengths!! In the end the lane counter cracked him so hard across the head with the red float I didn?t think he would be even able to pull himself out of the pool!
Personally I?m not a fan of Bodmin pool as not being the best of tumble turners, the high wall at the end poses a few ?high reach? problems for people with little levers! And after fluffing quite a few turns I put in a rather sedentary swim of 7.20! (that was to the mat outside tho!) T2 and as I am training for Dublin Marathon decided to stop, vas up toes and put socks on, last thing I wanted was to get wet and end up with blisters (looking back this now seems really bloody funny, NOT)
Out onto the bike and 2 miles in, the wind picked up to near gale force and it absolutely pissed it down! Actually it became quite scary on some of the junctions after the descents as water on the rims has an effect on braking! That combined with being blinded by all the spray didn?t make riding very pleasant ? with the strong wind on the way out I spotted a few drafters! Tut tut and I even thought I spotted a chap with no helmet (I have photographic evidence) and a few with ipods (competitor number 1)!!! WTF ? they obviously knew there was no referees out on the bike course this year,
It was wet! Very wet, water was dripping from everywhere, into T2 and out onto the run! School boy error ? didn?t cover my running shoes, so it was like stepping into a blimmin puddle ? he come the blisters! Climbing out of the leisure centre Mr Hamstring decides that it still doesn?t like this running up hill lark and stings like a weavers spine, so I end up with a sort of Max Boyce funny limpy walk (that?s showing my age) just can?t seem to ?lift the left leg to get any stride length ? at least it had stopped raining! Didn?t matter much as I was still soaking ? anyway up hill, through the woody bit, cross the bridge, downhill uphill, bit of flat, long down hill (Dave Pell shoots past) and then all in reverse ? for those who ran it ? does that sound about right? Anyway couple of runners wearing ipods!! Into finishing straight ? competitor no. 1, ipod in, decides to sprint finish with me, oh well I let her have her day ? what I should have done was to run up behind her and frighten the shit out of her! Cause she had no idea who was there or what was going on!
All in all an enjoyable day sort of, even tho? well down on last years time, but only to be expected with the lack of running. I even managed to blag a T shirt to show for my efforts, oh and also picked up 2 bloody huge blisters! So much for my T1 preventative measures. ? The race favourite, Gareth Smith (1.24.01) showed his form by winning, Chris Dominey (1.24.28) played a blinder and picked up 2nd with Dave Pell (1.24.29) in 3rd. Kyle Kearey MBH (1.27.35)finishing 6th overall and 3rdin the open male cat and Jonno Gibbins (1.29.59)(barefoot runner man) put in a good race and finished just under 1.30 to take 3rd vet 40-49
Well Done to those MBH who did Treggy 7 and also those that did St Agnes tri also today ? so many events to choose from lately!
Now decisions, decisions, I need to do Newquay 10K on the 2nd October (along with Truro half and Cornish Marathon) to get my 8 GP races in…………….but I also want to do Wadebridge Triathlon which is on the same day! Which one? Or can I do both?
MB H Results
Kyle Keary 6th ? 1.27.35
Jonno Gibbins 10th ? 1.29.59
Ian Matthews ? 15th 1.33.38
Julian Wills 24th – 1.37.53
Rich Boucher 66th ? 1.49.00
Rob Burrows 98th – 2.00.56

Full results can be found HERE – click on Bodmin tri results and excel file will download

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