Brooks Cornwall Cross Country – Saturday 11 December

Well Done today to all those Harriers that pulled the vest on for todays XC races at Newquay. Conditions were almost perfect (for me, not being a muddy that is!) very little mud, the ground quite hard and warm enough to wear just a vest.

Junior members Olivia Barnes, Finn Burford, Tom and Jacob Wood, Renae Caddy and Katie Walker
Senior members Phil Sanger, Rich Savage, Jason Walker and myself
Poor Ellie Ringwood who was physically sick overnight but persuaded her parents Mel and Mick to drive her to the start, then after we had spoken to her and talked some sense into her, we managed to talk her out of it!

Highlights must be Renae who finished 2nd and Katie who was just behind in 3rd place – both girls put in 100%, poor Katie felt the pain at the finish!!

A top 15 place for Phil Sanger in the mens senior race, and he even ran in off road shoes borrowed from Charlie that were too small – well done – next in was Rich Savage who continues his good form (even after last nights works xmas do!) Jason was still sticking with his heart rate training plan and kept his HR below 160!! how does he do it, and how Jason stayed on his feet with just racing flats on God only knows! and me, well put it this way, I wasn’t last!! And as a bonus we did sneak 3rd place team! how the hell did that happen – ah only 3 teams entered!!

Turkey Trot tomorrow, and the way my legs are feeling a trot it will be!!

See you soon,


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