Brown Willy Run – Saturday, 1 January 2011

January 1, 2011
11:00 am

Starting from the Jamaica Inn, Bolventor, Bodmin Moor (Just off A30)

The Brown Willy Run will start from the Jamaica Inn at 11.00 on New Year?s Day, regardless of the weather. Apart from being great fun, it?s also the perfect post-party hangover cure! For the uninitiated, it?s a moorland run of about 6 Cornish miles, with a scramble up and down Brown Willy in the middle.

There is no registration as such ? but everyone is required to enter their name and an emergency contact ?phone number on the coloured sheets provided. Please remember which colour sheet you use and No.

There are no race numbers, times or results, apart from first male and first female. There?s no entry fee either, but there will be a memento for all runners. All we ask is that runners sign in before they set off, and sign out when they get back, so that we don?t have to send out the Cornwall Search and Rescue team to look for stragglers. As a thank you to Cornwall Search and Rescue, and also to help the British Heart Foundation, runners are invited to make a generous donation in our collection box for these two worthy causes.

Please use the main car park at the Jamaica Inn. There is a large overflow car park adjacent.

The course is approximately 6 miles long and includes the summit of Brown Willy, the highest point in Cornwall. This is a very testing run ? the severity will depend largely on the weather both up to and including the day. Usually lots of lovely mud. We recommend good, grippy shoes.

Upon finishing everyone must remember to sign against their name on the coloured sheets to confirm their return. We don?t want search parties out till Easter looking for you.

The bar and restaurant are open at the Jamaica Inn. Morning coffee, snacks and full lunches available.

The facilities are limited. There are ladies and gents wc?s but NO showers or changing rooms. Be Brave ? just strip off in the car park. The rain will wash you and the wind will dry you in no time.

The Brown Willy Run is NOT a race. However, being first to the summit and back is usually hotly contested. Remember always that your health and safety is the most important thing. Take care of yourself and your fellow runners. The emphasis is on a no formalities social run in an unique environment. Good fun and good company to start the New Year.

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