CAC Social Christmas Canter – Monday, 27 December 2010

December 27, 2010
10:30 am

Don?t pack your reindeer antlers and Santa hats away too soon after Christmas! Why not bring them along to our CAC get together- the CAC Christmas Canter on Monday 27th December! Don?t worry; it WILL be less of a canter and more of a gentle, social trot.

We are planning to meet at Smokey Joe?s on the old A30, near Scorrier, for a flat and pleasant 6 mile route, to ease us off our sofas after the Christmas break.

We will meet there at 10.30am, head off for the mineral trails and then stop at Smokey Joes afterwards for some good hearty grub, a quick snack, or a big old mug of tea while we catch up on some of the ?experiences? of the year.

Everyone welcome and festive outfits encouraged (but please don?t tell Dave B you like his turkey legs- he might be offended!)

Hope to see lots of you there! Have a very HAPPY Christmas everyone!!


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