Charlestown Tri – 24th July 2010

Apres Tri @ Charlestown
Apres Tri @ Charlestown

An awesome place and we were blessed with ideal race conditions, as this was my first open water tri. I wasn’t daunted by this in anyway yet! I know I’m pants at swimming and didn’t want to be kicked in the face or anywhere which would probably have made me panic and drown so I took up position by Kathryn Burgess who was looking rather slinky in her wet suit at the far end of the group. I had the intention of just getting round, which I did although I did find it a little strange as I managed to pass someone doing back stroke! Everyone seemed to bottle neck around the first buoy which wasn’t a problem with the next one as I was at the back! Yvonne and Nigel were off like torpedoes and were probably on their bikes as I came out of the water 5th from last, not to worry tho!

A short run up the shingle beach and into transition lots of spectators all cheering everyone on, which was ace! Now I did fluff putting on my cycling shoes and took far too long even thou I was only here for the experience and a bit of fun, Katie Bollack from St.Austell runners was taking the Mickey, as always, out of me!

The cycle was only 4 miles but the first mile was all up hill and I huffed and puffed all the way up the bugger, overtaking loads of people who were pushing their bikes or struggling. At the top we had a flat mile to the turn around, and then back the way we came. Going down that hill was the best part, though I did take it easy for one nasty bend just before we entered back into transition which went a lot easier this time. But we had to run up that fricking hill, and by half way as I passed Jeremy (Nigel’s mate) I was about ready to be sick, even tho I was taking it easier than if I was racing. Loads were dying on the hill and I just kept overtaking them which was cool! I managed to catch Yvonne by the turn around and some chap trying to over take me, so I put the hammer down a little bit and left him standing before hitting the downward part of the run back down the hill and to the finish!

We all got a great T-shirt, in our goody bags and of course my favourite, a medal!

Myself, Yvonne, Nigel, Jeremy and Graham all had a good time and cheered each other on as we passed each other all going in different directions.

An awesome day I really enjoyed this event – very chilled and loads of fun, shame there wasn’t more of us there, 90 people took part in all. Nigel came 3rd overall – I was 13th somehow. I don’t know how Yvonne got on. Thank you to Graham for all the support and well done as they had to stick round as Graham had entered himself in the knobbly knee competition, in which he came 2nd!

And then it was on to Tywardreath Trotter…

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