Charlestown Triathlon

This is a lovely little triathlon – 200 metre sea swim (don’t bother with a wetsuit), 3 mile cycle, 2 mile run.  This year they even got two of the roads closed to traffic (supposedly).

The swim went off without a hitch apart from being run into constantly by some woman doing back-stroke!  Then the run across the pebbled beach (painful) and long run up the hill to transition. 

Onto the bike and off up the hill.  The winning man, David Pell, nearly cycled straight into me as a van pulled out in front of him and he had nowhere to go except onto the other side of the road into the oncoming cyclists!  And so onto the turn around point.  Here is where I overtook Melissa Reid of Hayle – I had her in sight for a while and slowly caught up with her.  Then it was a fast descent back down again – except I didn’t expect there to be any traffic on the road because of the road closed signs, so when I rounded a sharp bend only to be confronted with a bus right in the middle of the road I nearly had kittens, as did the bike directly behind me!  We just about squeezed through the bus and wall with not a lot to spare – a few words were said!  Unfortunatley poor Melissa Reid didn’t have the same fortune, her bike ended up going under the bus’s front wheel – luckily she was okay and went on to complete the race (her father having to carry her bike back while she rode his!).  The bus driver didn’t even get out of the bus and, according to Alan Reid (her father), didn’t want to reverse off the bike!!  (“This is the route I always take and so I’m not going to change” attitude – despite being told of the race as he drove through the road closed signs.)

And so into transition where an OAP photographer with tripod etc had parked himself right on top of all my kit!!  I had to push the tripod out of the way to get to my running shoes, the bike had to be left elsewhere! 

The run is a straight up the bike course hill for a mile and then back down again.  This went quite straightforward – no occurences!  I was overtaken by one woman but it turns out that she was in a team – I ended up coming second (no prizes for that!)

And so now onto Tywardreath tonight for a 7.5 mile off road run – I’ll report on that later!!!

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