Classic Quarter – new event

Classic Quarter involves covering the coastal path from Lizard to Land’s End (44 miles) in a day.

Why quarter? Well that is because the run takes you from the most southerly point in the country to the most westerly point – so it is a quarter of the country on a compass.

It can be a solo challenge or taken on in teams of four.

Where did the idea come from? Partly because the organisor, Simon Tregoning, runs on the cliffs on The Lizard and has often wondered how long it would take to get to ‘the other side’ and partly because he wanted to do something to generate a long-term flow of money for the local hospices.

The event is being run by Endurancelife (, who run similar events throughout the country. There is more information at:, where you can also sign up to take part. Anyone up for it?


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