Club Runs


Last night saw a welcome return to the summer club run routes (this one is the 6 mile route via Newmill). I set off up Bone Valley with the two Johns (Worth and Doyle) hot on my heels. Before long we were joined by a determined looking Geoff Letchford, and we settled into a steady rhythm up the long drag.

Those first few uphill miles may have come as a rude shock to newer members, spoiled by the less arduous winter routes through town! On the way back from Newmill, and feeling strong, I carelessly suggested that we “up the pace” (just a little, you understand…).

Geoff took me at my word, and raised the stakes to “Casino Royale” levels! A 10k race pace effort ensued, and when we reached the T junction at the far end of the Newmill road Geoff was showing no signs of flagging and I had those little black dots dancing in front of my eyes.

That’ll teach me… 

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