Coose Trannack Cross Country & Bath half marathon

Report for the juniors Coose Trannack and Bath Half Marathon

8 juniors headed across up Coose Trannack for the cross country on Saturday. As per normal the weather wasn’t on the juniors side it was extremely wet and windy!
Our senior girls started off the races both doing extremely well with Rosie finishing 2nd and Savannah 4th in U16 race.
Tama and Sawyer (year6) competed well abc fought hard until the end Tama finished 10th and Sawyer 20th.
Jolie took on the year 4 team and although not the best of stars finished in 9th
Caleb and Gabriel competed in year 2 race by now the course was muddy and slippery however did well until the very end. Gabriel finishing 20th and Caleb 21st
Last but not least was Aria (year 2) had a fantastic start and sheer determination Aria lead from nearly the start going on to win!
All the juniors that took part did amazingly well and managed to finish third over all
Well done to all the juniors!

Sunday 17th March saw a group of Mounts Bay Harriers take part in the annual Bath Half Marathon, which is a great two lap course which is very well organised and supported by vitality, with crowds all a long the course and a battle of the bands going on whilst everyone is running the 13.1 miles.
All of the Harriers that took part all really enjoyed it and all got great times and quite a few PBs
This was Emily Sturges first half marathon and first race as a Mounts Bay Harrier, she did really well and got a time quicker than she expected, Emily’s time was 1:3453.
Well done to all of the Harriers that took part

Peter Le Grice – 1:04:55
Neil Eddy – 1:11:59
John McWilliams- 1:18:41
Jacob Wood – 1:23:13
Andrew Hickson – 1:29:03
Emily Sturges – 1:34:53
Ruth Glover – 1:40:40
Damian cook – 1:50:45
Nicholas Morse – 1:53:47
Peter Uren – 1:55:06
Chantelle Hickman – 1:58:12
Sandra Treleven – 2:10:33
Kat Loder – 2:29:45