Cornish Marathon 2008 Report

I’ll nutshell it for you in some bullet points:

  • Started steady, kept to a sensible pace.
  • Got calf cramps after Jamaica Inn.
  • Slowed down in the last few miles due to above.
  • Roared and swore all the way downhill to the finish after cramp gripped and wouldn’t release.
  • Glowered grimly at time: 5 mins slower than last year.
  • Drank some squash with a teaspoon of salt.
  • Resolved to try those NuNN tabs next time.
  • Resisted the free Ginsters.
  • Accepted nice T-shirt for the 25th Anniversary CM.
  • Teased Sam Perkin about his “abs failure”.
  • (could’ve been worse – he might have popped a pec…. think of the mess!)
  • Waited for Mark O to finish conditioning his barnet (40 mins in the shower – WTF!?).
  • Went home.

All in all: another backward step in my quest for a sub-3:15 Marathon. On the upside, my Butterfly and Front Crawl are coming along a treat!


Don “AikenDrum” H

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