Cubert 2011

What a great turnout for the club, 49 Harriers made there way to Newquay for this weekeday race, the next race in the Cornish Grand Prix. They were actually a small crowd! a total of 672 (720 entries) finishers on the night must make this one of the biggest around, they even ran out of numbers and weren’t accepting anyone further entering at one stage. A lot of you had tired legs still from Sundays tri, whether that was Helston or Bleinham but for some, who obviously recover better than others, you wouldn?t have guessed 2 races in 3 days!

It was the first time in a few years I can remember rain at Cubert, it?s usually cracking the tiles, that mixed in with a bit of a blustery wind made conditions a bit miserable for the later finishers.

Again, a few of us decided to cycle the 30 miles up from Penzance, Nigel decided he would join me on one of my final 70.3 training sessions, but with the wind mostly behind us it wasn?t too arduos (not as bad as when we did Trevornic anyway!) 30 miles average speed 19.4 mph so we didn’t hang around!

The Fun Run, that kicked off at 6.15, is a 1 mile run for the kids, and any adults as a warm up, and I?m pleased to say we had a great turnout from MBH, I heard that Jacob Wood got 1st placed boy, Immy Wood 2nd placed girl in her AG and Finn Burford 2nd placed boy in his, all winning a nice trophy and hoodie ? if I?ve missed anyone please let me know

Many MBHers posted new PBs, none other than Dan Lugg, who is very quickly shrinking! Knocked a massive 10 minutes off last years time! Well Done Dan ? Windsor Tri for you this week

Neil Eddy, obviously still fresh from his brill performance at Bleinham Tri in the Elite start finished 6th overall, nearly 2 minutes ahead of the next MBHer Phil Sanger

Geoff Letchford shows he hasn?t lost it at all after a brief layoff through injury, Geoff won the Male Vet 55 age group and along with Neil, Phil S, Rich S, Jason W and Matt L pushed the MBH mens team into 3rd ? excellent guys ? special mention to Tom Wood who finished just outside our top 6 in 7th place, but at the age of only 15, if he keeps it up, along with his fantastic swimming ability, could be a force to reckon with in the triathlon world in future (must run in the family! As you will have seen the same surname above with his brother and sister)

Clive Hibbert, for what is I think the first time, won the male vet 65 age group, Well Done Clive, must be all those pep talks from the legend Ronnie James!

Onto the ladies………

A little disappointed that we didn?t feature in the top 6 ladies teams, can?t understand that really, but it probably is correct as the only prize winner on the night was Nancy Hill, who again finished 2nd (why did you have to be in the same age group as Emma Stepto (ne Stallard)?!? Great Run Nancy, but I reckon you’re doing too much coaching instead of training nowadays, What are you doing with Charlie Holden? A fantastic run from him, pushing him way up the club standings!

Onto Sticker in less than a fortnight, another chance for glory there! (although a few of us will be at Torbay Half and also up at Wimbleball ready for the 70.3 on the Sunday)

Well Done Guys & Girls ? keep it up, I?ll update the PBs as soon as I get a spare half a day!

6 0:27:02 EDDY, Neil
24 0:29:03 SANGER, Phil
28 0:29:12 SAVAGE, Rich
43 0:30:05 WALKER, Jason
50 0:30:35 LETCHFORD, Geoff
53 0:30:42 LAWLESS, Matt
56 0:30:47 WOOD, Tom
57 0:30:47 HICKSON, Andrew
74 0:31:31 FAULKNER, Miles
76 0:31:42 HOLDEN, Charlie
88 0:32:14 FORD, Chris
91 0:32:17 OMORI, Mark
118 0:33:05 HILL, Nancy
124 0:33:23 SIMS, Nigel
137 0:33:47 ANGOVE, Paul
140 0:33:53 JAMES, Ian
146 0:34:00 NICHOLAS, Alice
151 0:34:07 MATTHEWS, Ian
161 0:34:24 CHAPPLE, Steve
166 0:34:40 JONES, Simon
177 0:35:02 MCCLAY, Karen
211 0:35:53 HIBBERT, Clive
231 0:36:32 MARSTON, Jeremy
272 0:38:02 BROOKS, Nick
273 0:38:03 HOOPER, Paul
280 0:38:14 WEBB, Helen
284 0:38:18 LAWLESS, Joanna
299 0:38:33 BOUCHER, Richard
306 0:38:46 RINGWOOD, Michael
314 0:38:59 TURNER, Yvonne
317 0:39:05 TONKIN, Katrina
324 0:39:15 JOHNS, Michael
335 0:39:38 KEWN, Jeremy
350 0:40:03 KANE, Duncan
356 0:40:14 BURROWS, Robert
366 0:40:36 MARSTON, David
371 0:40:40 KEWN, Nicola
389 0:41:14 DAVIES, Steve
419 0:41:58 CLARKE, Joanne
438 0:42:56 SQUIRE, Mark
448 0:43:18 TREWHELLA, Chris
450 0:43:26 MATTHEWS, Susan
472 0:44:23 GABBOTT, Wendy
480 0:44:32 JOHNS, Gillian
491 0:44:50 SQUIRE, Helen
495 0:45:08 STONE, Jackie
520 0:46:07 PRADY, Liz
553 0:48:10 LUGG, Daniel
554 0:48:10 PERKIN, Sam