Cubert 5 – 2010

The weather on Monday, the day before Cubert 5, was terrible and the forecast was that it was in for the week so things were not looking good for the usual hot sunny Tuesdays we’ve become accustomed to at Cubert.

Tuesday dawned and although the constant rain of the previous day had stopped it wasn’t blazing sunshine but there were still a few very heavy showers around.

A huge turnout of 525 runners for this popular 2 lap 5 miler hosted by Newquay RR – car parking was in a couple of fields and seemed to work well even with conditions under foot still quite boggy with all the rain.

A splattering of Mounts Bay Harrier juniors turned out for the 1 mile fun run and were awarded with a nice little plaque type medal – there were plenty of smiling faces when the kids had finished, clutching their momento as if it were an olympic gold – Priceless!

Onto the main race and the usual chaos that seems to be standard with this race as runners were herded into the field near the start like cows on the farm, all of sudden we were led out to the start and suddenly off! When will people learn to self seed themselves!! it’s no good putting yourself at the front and then moaning like hell that you’re getting elbowed and pushed aside!

Conditions were a little damp underfoot, light wind but warm and humid, no sun.

The first mile is always fast! I think Ollie Gibson was the first runner to hit the 1 mile mark in about 4.30!

The fast boys were way in the distance so I can’t comment on action from the front – I knew that Neil might be feeeling a little jaded after Sundays 2nd place at Helston as would a few of our other runners who had raced the triathlon, Mark O and Phil S were fresh and looking to go sub 30 for the first time, Jason, coming back from sickness had also persuaded his wife Nats to do her first race, Andrew ever improving had set his pace for 6.10 a mile. Great to see Nancy and Charlie racing, Mhairi was again looking to improve her PB, newly signed Alice was also making her running debut, also after Helston Tri – and Hana, still keen as mustard, looking to finish her first race

So how’d we do?
Excellent – 41 MBH runners – 35 PBs
Mens Team 6th – Neil, Phil, Mark, Jason, Andrew & Jeremy
Ladies team 4th – Nancy, Alice, Mhairi & Natalie (2 team members on their racing debut!)
Nancy – 2nd in AG (40-44) (we didn’t know that Emma Stallard, the ladies overall winner was now 40!)
Alice – 3rd in AG (under 35)
Clive – 2nd in AG (65-69)
MArk missed his sub 30 by 3 seconds but still knocked a huge amount of time of his previous PB as everyone apart from 6 MBHers (still Sticker to get that new 5 mile PB!)

15 0:28:14 EDDY, Neil
27 0:29:38 SANGER, Phil
33 0:30:03 OMORI, Mark
47 0:30:37 WALKER, Jason
51 0:30:42 HICKSON, Andrew
73 0:32:11 MARSTON, Jeremy
79 0:32:26 MATTHEWS, Ian
85 0:32:32 PERKIN, Sam
88 0:32:35 HILL, Nancy
91 0:32:42 SAVAGE, Rich
100 0:33:04 NICHOLAS, Alice
109 0:33:20 SAVILLE, Mhairi
120 0:33:40 HOLDEN, Charlie
126 0:34:02 JAMES, Ian
161 0:35:20 KANE, Duncan
180 0:35:50 RICHARDS, Steven
211 0:36:48 HIBBERT, Clive
214 0:36:56 JONES, Simon
234 0:37:33 BOUCHER, Richard
242 0:37:44 ANGOVE, Paul
256 0:38:08 MCNEVIN, Philip
265 0:38:30 BROOKS, Nick
276 0:38:52 WALKER, Natalie
300 0:39:59 MOONEY, Judith
302 0:40:04 ROSEWALL, Tammy
316 0:40:28 BURROWS, Robert
319 0:40:33 KEWN, Nicola
329 0:40:47 CLARKE, Joanne
337 0:40:57 MASON, Zoe
359 0:41:37 MARSTON, David
367 0:42:00 OMORI, Hana
373 0:42:36 GABBOTT, Wendy
375 0:42:37 TREWHELLA, Chris
377 0:42:42 SALDIVAR, Michael
382 0:42:53 MATTHEWS, Susan
416 0:44:46 COLLINSON, Michelle
430 0:45:22 GIERGIELEWICZ, Alicja
431 0:45:25 STONE, Jackie
443 0:46:16 WATKINS, Yvonne
453 0:46:46 KENDALL, Helen
516 0:57:18 LUGG, Daniel

Well Done all, some great PBs in there (even me by 1 second) – and an especially big well done to those who completed their first race for MBH – see it’s not that bad!
Post race goody was an excellent fold up camping chair thing – excellent – so even if you’re not racing in future you can use it to watch or even marshal!

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