Cubert 5 – a report from the sharp end!

Nice fast little race. If you want a PB for 5 miles, then this is the one to get you higher in the club rankings.

Conditions were ideal, tail wind for the first mile straight, then shielded from a return headwind by the valley.

572 runners, and we fielded 23! I’m sure we can do better. I know we all have our commitments and training schedules but hey! It’s a 5 mile race, it’s a mid week evening start and it takes three quarters of an hour to get there! but anyway – I digress.

The first mile. Now there’s a thing, my aim was to start right at the front, some others had the same idea. John D, John P, Mark O, Sam Elvis and probably a few others nearby.

I blasted it from the word go. I’ve done this race 4 times before and I know the first mile is quick, with the wind behind at the start it was going to be especially quick, and I didn’t want to get boxed in.

And there it was – the mile marker, 5 mins 34, and I felt disappointed!! I was sure I could go through in less than 5.30 with that following wind.

My plan was 31mins overall and therefore averaging 6.12 a mile, so if I could do 5.30 in first mile I could then settle back 15 secs each mile  and hope to hang on in there over last mile. Now I would have to make up 4 seconds from somewhere. Argh too complicated by far.

I changed my aim  to being the lead MBH runner at the 2 mile point., and I still was.

No sign of the 2 Johns, Jeremy M, Phil S or Nigel – where the hell are they? No way am I going to look behind.

I had visions of a wall of MBH shirts right up my arse at the halfway point.! and what about Mark O and Ian M? they weren’t around either

I now had another concern – not only had I set myself this aim to remain ahead of the rest of the MBH team but more importantly I had to stay ahead of Alan Cooper (Truro) and Bob Richards (Hayle) who are my main rivals in Grand Prix points for my age group.

So I kept on setting myself goals – kept on taking little breathers and then blasting it again.

3 1/2 miles out and at last here was, what I was secretly expecting, John D eased past me. Now I thought this was the beginning of the end and a mass of MBH shirts was bound to follow along with my 2 rivals.

But no!! Plan re evaluated I hauled John D back in – how did I do that ? I’ve never beaten him before but we are at 4 miles and I’m feeling like a sack of sh…

John D comes past me a second time – and horror of horrors followed by Bob Richards from Hayle, and Malcolm Roberts from St Austell RC.

Now I’ve only beaten either of these once before so I thought this was it, my time was up – I was blowing out of every orifice –  and even though Malcolm is not in my age group at the moment, ( he’s in John D’s ) I thought that with still half a mile to go I’d blown it.

I still dare not look behind, my imagination was running wild, still convinced a wall of black red and white shirts were ready to pounce along with Alan Cooper of Truro.

400 metres left and the 3 that passed me haven’t made any significant gap. How can I be doing this? I’m in privileged company. I shouldn’t be here – BUT I AM!!!!, and not only that with 200 metres to go I’ve re overtaken Bob of Hayle.

Do I really need to do any more??!! as long as I hold this position I will win my age category, but I’ve still got Malc Roberts and John D within spitting distance.

Oh bugger it!!! Let’s go for glory – I know I can sprint. and I did, just getting Malc and John D on the line.

30.14 ! a PB for me here and averaging 6.02 a mile. Yep I’ll settle for that.

What worried me in the sprint was that I was dragging Malc Roberts of St Austell past my own team mate and they were in same age group, but as it happened, it worked out ok.

Now what happened to the rest of you?

Actually there were some really good times. Hats off to Nancy in particular who though didn’t win any age group prize is surely going to do quite regularly very soon. She really is going from strength to strength.

Sue T quietly won her age group. same as mine. 55+ even after cycling from Helston!

If you look at the results you will see a gaggle of us all within 1 to 2 minutes of each other. Unfortunately they missed out Phil S and Ian G from the original results sheets, but all is corrected on the final version.

Having several of us being close in times will inevitably improve our performances due to our competitive streak and anyone who races regularly has got one.

So mark. I had a dig at you with your phenomenal time at Marazion this year when you beat me – I jokingly accused you of being on drugs – so over to you matey!!!!!!

See you all at Sticker – another 5 miler – I know it clashed with the St Ives Biathlon but come on let’s see if we can get over 30 there – its good training if nothing else. For those of you who are afraid of being last or making a fool of yourself, don’t worry you won’t –  you will get great support from the rest of the team and great fun at the same time.


Geoff Letchford



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