Cubert 5 – June 2 2009 (including Geoff Ls report)

A warm and sunny evening at Cubert, near Newquay, a total of 575 runners, huffed, puffed and sweated their way through the Cornish lanes. The hayfever sufferers (me included) suffered with streaming eye syndrome and sneezed a few times also – the season had started.
I thought the start this year seemed a bit dis-organised with many runners who would usually be nearer the front, stuck some way back as the gun went when it appeared no one expected it – but then there was 575 runners crammed in to the small road – a little point to clubs here – if you are going to enter a large amount of runners, and good on ya, but try and tell them about self seeding – there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to fight your way through hoards of runners who think they can match Jim Cole in getting the fastest mile only to die 800 metres after crossing the start line – all in all a good race, great to get another glass as I broke mine from Newquay 10k last year (my red wine seems to taste better in it!)
Youngster Sam, a storming run to finish in 10th place, New recruit Paul A put in a good run to start his MBH career, Mhairi put in a great debut run and i’m sure will soon be featuring in the ladies team, Mark O sporting his new go faster trainers, they certainly worked! and it was also good to see Tim and Chris B again – well done all who ran.
Mounts Bay Highlights were another fantastic 1st for Geoff L in the 55-59, Nancy, a welcome return to the hard surface running, finishing 2nd in her AG and a brilliant start to Laura Shaw, in her very first race, 3rd in the 50-54 AG. The mens team, a little short of a few of our speedsters finished a creditable 5th place (first 6 male runners home). Lots of new PBs also. I’ll get updating the spreadsheets ASAP

MBH results

10 0:27:49 HILL, Sam
27 0:29:41 LETCHFORD, Geoff
37 0:30:37 WALKER, Jason
38 0:30:38 SIMS, Nigel
48 0:31:06 HUTCHISON, Don
54 0:31:16 PARKES, John
56 0:31:18 OMORI, Mark
60 0:31:28 STEPHENS, Alastair
62 0:31:33 HICKSON, Andrew
90 0:32:40 MARSTON, Jeremy
91 0:32:41 PERKIN, Sam
110 0:33:00 MATTHEWS, Ian
126 0:33:42 HILL, Nancy
139 0:34:21 HOLDEN, Charlie
186 0:35:59 TURTON, Jess
189 0:36:06 HOOPER, Paul
212 0:36:53 SAVILLE, Mhairi
228 0:37:29 ANGOVE, Paul
234 0:37:42 MCNEVIN, Philip
248 0:38:10 HIBBERT, Clive
265 0:38:47 JONES, Simon
299 0:39:42 BURROWS, Robert
324 0:40:37 BUNDY, Tim
343 0:41:28 TREWHELLA, Chris
349 0:41:48 SQUIRE, Mark
357 0:42:00 SHAW, Laura
360 0:42:13 SALDIVAR, Michael
373 0:42:44 ROSEWALL, Tammy
382 0:43:15 PETERS, Trina
393 0:43:36 PRADY, Liz
410 0:44:11 MATTHEWS, Susan
464 0:47:14 BUNDY, Christine
492 0:48:46 JOHNS, Gillian
493 0:48:46 JOHNS, Michael

Report from the sharp end (Geoff L)

It was this race a year ago that propelled me on to a great 2008 season.

I was apprehensive?as to whether?I had sustained my fitness level since then.

Certainly all my times since Cubert 2008 had been P.B’s and I was trying to get my head around the possibility that this might be the first race since then that a P.B. wasn’t on the cards?

Last year my time here was 30.14 which was to me unbelievable and to be honest I should really only have been concentrating on beating my main age group rival, Malc Roberts of St Austell R.C.

I drove up with John Parkes. We arrived and got ushered into what I thought?was a bit of a narrow entrance car parking field.

At least there was a block of loos there. So why did I pee in a hedge beside it? Boys thing I suppose?

We both signed in by which time runners were beginning?to head for the ‘start field’

I didn’t want to get caught up at the back of the pack so dived off into an estate to warm up along with John P, Nigel Sims and Sam Perkin before eventually jogging to the start.

I stood near the front alongside Malc Roberts. Shook his hand, stuck my sounds in my ears full volume and hoped I could hear the starters gun?

The first mile is fast. All first miles are fast but this one particularly so.

5.31. I was gutted, last year it was 5.27 and so already I was 4 seconds down!

I passed John P and Nigel S?at about the half mile point and was maintaining?a gap of 10 metres behind Sam Hill who I knew would draw away soon.

He did and? I never saw him again. He finished 10th overall. Nice one Sam. Definitley amongst the elite runners of Cornwall now.

The hill at the halfway point approached and I was feeling dry mouthed. I don?t normally bother with water at this distance but was grateful to the water marshals on this occasion.

Top of the hill and back down the starting straight for the second lap.

Now then, 3 mile marker and my time was 17.30ish so well below 6 minute miling.

The question was, could I sustain this pace for a further 2 miles with a hill in between or should I consider fiddling with my mp3 player and change to?a better track!

4 miles?in 23.30 ish. I’d maintained a 6 minute pace which gave me confidence. I yanked my earphones out about half a mile before the finish?so I could hear if Malc Roberts was going to try and do a sneaky on me.

I didn’t dare look behind quite yet.

200 metres to go I sneak a look behind, and yipee , no sign of any purple shirt. So I blast?my usual sprint finished for no reason other than I felt like it. And finished?in 29.41.

Gobsmaked.34 seconds faster than last year and a year older!

Right, so several of you again have been asking me again about my secret training programme.

So here it is.

Guiness with Lucozade. And no sex.

Now ?I may have lied about one of them!

Excellent turn out by 33 MBH

Ian M has mentioned all the prizes in his report so I wony duplicate that.

But others worthy of note;

Out of 565 runners.

Jason Walker and Nigel Sims 38th and 39th respectivley. Nigel beating last year’s time by 18 seconds.

Don Hutchinson 48th?in 31.06

John Parkes 54th in 31.16 and I know he was disappointed, but he’ll be back.?Injuries are very frustrating.

The long haired yeti Mark Omori?56th in 31.18 49 seconds faster than last year.

Other improvers from 2008

Alistaire stevens 8 secs

Ian Mathews 19 secs

Jeremy Marston 57 secs

Sam Perkin 1min 53 secs!

Clive Hibbert? 6 secs

Paul Hooper 2mins 16secs!!

Chris Trewella 1min 38!

Mike Saldivar 13secs

Sue Mathews 40 secs

Nice to see Jess Turton back into running with a sound 35.59, and lots of faces who I didn’t know, but that?s a good sign that the club is growing.

Great race,great time and roll on Sticker.

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