Cubert 5 by Sam ‘Captain Chaos’ the Nutter lives up to his name!

Cubert 5.

 Well what a lovely evening it was, although the breeze was a little chilly I was kind of glad once I started running. This was the first time that I have run the course at Cubert, all the usually faces from the club were there as well as a couple of our newer members and race virgins – Well done to everyone who turned up, but where were the rest of you? It was only 5 miles! Tutt… tutt! (don’t worry you have another chance to get your name on the PB list at Sticker at the end of the month!)

I had no idea what to expect at Cubert and was warned of the fast start but I stupidly did  what I normally do and shot off far to fast.  I started up front with Mark, Geoff L, John P, John D, Jeremy and Nigel and by the first mile and half they burnt me off, at one point I was clocking 12mph whoooo! Then my garmin died on me then I seemed to burn out, typical! that was two out of three what next was going to go wrong.

As I hit the hill Alfie over took me and I began to struggle huffing and puffing up that flipping hill.  Although the hill wasn’t too steep and to be honest it wasn’t too bad, but trying to run up it and keep a fair pace was hard and it did seem to go on for ever, perhaps this is why the majority of the spectators congregated on this hill to watch people suffer! I ploughed on and was very glad to get to the top, as I did,  Nancy got her own back on me for the An Resek race and shot past me like a rocket, closely followed by that wrinkly old man Ian, I had nothing in my legs to chase them, all I could do was try not to let too many ‘green’ vests run past me, which I did my best at.

As we ran into the last mile I seemed to get a second wind coming up the hill again, at the last left hand turn I could hear the crowd and thought thank…. …..goodness.  At the last right I exploded into one my sprint finishes, I was flying, over taking a couple of Hayle runner’s Ha-Ha then some others, but some dude was sat on my shoulder!! I couldn’t quite believe someone was keeping up, how dare they…..

I was not about to let them get past me and as I tried to increase my sprint again I lent just a little bit too far forward and flipping fell, into how I can only best describe, as a flying forward break fall, using my back as a spring board to bounce myself back up to my feet…..gutted! Fifty foot from the finish! Still got to be happy with a new PB of 34.34!


Well at least there was no wombles running this time


572 finishers! Many great performaces tho’ and loads of PBs – highlights of the night must be the AG placings – Geoff L 1st in the 55-59 in a dream time of 30.14, closely followed by John D 30.15 2nd 50-54, John P 30.22, Nigel 30.56 3rd 45-49, Sam P 31.00, Alfie 31.36, Mark O 32.07, David P 32.25, Nancy 33.11, Ian 33.19, Jeremy 33.37 (no running for 2 weeks and loads of alcohol!) Rachel T 35.01, Susie T 37.21, 1st 55-59 and she cycled from Helston! Ian G, 37.57, Clive H 38.16, Paul H 38.22, Rob B 38.52, Mike S 41.26, Liz P 42.39, Chris T 43.06, Geoff C 43.23, Grace R, 44.12 Sue M 44.51 – the first 6 men also had 6th team on the night!


Final results


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