Duchy Marathon Report (Sam Perkin)

Sunday morning and the weather was looking like near perfect conditions with blue sky?s???although after last year I decided to drive to the start via the north cliffs.

duchy-marathon-026Imagine my excitement as I parked up got out my Chevy and felt a breeze coming from the east, which means it would be blowing us along this section of the coastal route Whoooo! I thought!

I must admit I have been a little nervous and excited for a couple of days before the marathon, now I haven?t done enough training due to injury last year, but my head was in a good place today, and as I parked up at PV, I could feel myself getting even more excited, as I told all of our lot about the wind conditions and plenty of others that it was going to be a P.B day today even tho it was a bit nippy.

Mind you, as we gathered outside for the club photo it was fricking freezing Nikki T was covered in goose bumps, Rachel T was violently shivering I had my thermals on, yet the mighty ‘Swiss Army’ Phil who turned up for his debut Marathon was wearing less than all of us put together even Jeremy had his ear warmers on!

Oh Swiss!

So, photo taken very brief warm up flapping arms jumping up and down on the spot as Dave Buzza announced over the loud speaker to take up our positions????????..Yes, yes, yes I was at the front again, like I said I was feeling confident!

duchy-marathon-016Bang went the gun and off we went, my race plan was to 7 minute mile for as long and hard as I could, and as we weaved our way through Camborne, Illogan, and the back roads towards Porthreath, I was bang on, even at the turn on the top of Portreath hill I could feel the wind blowing me along, I felt unstoppable as Andrew and Jeremy ran past me at the 9 mile point, Git?s but that didn?t matter I was feeling good!

As we turned off the coast road and headed towards Coombe, OH MY GOD the wind which was had blown us all along was now in our faces not as sheltered as I thought it was going to be and for the next 2 miles it was like running in a blast freezer. Mile 10 was 1.14.00 little bit slower than I would have liked but, it was ok!

Luckily at the top of the hill the high hedge and trees gave some shelter until we got back into Pool and it was back in our faces again. I was glad to turn off for my second lap, but a little concerned about going through that again!

At the half way point Nikki T ran past me followed by her mum, Super Susie, a mile later, again this didn?t bother me I was where I wanted to be as we turned on to the cliffs again, although my humour had now failed, I felt fine. At the next water stop they couldn?t find my drink, I was not happy yet Dean, Rachel?s hubby found my outburst quite amusing as I ran off swearing to myself I could hear him laughing at me, Git!

duchy-marathon-014Oh and then I got worse, oh dear last year at the Cornish one of the St.Austell lot kept cycling past me back and forth taking the p*** which I wasn?t impressed with, and guess who was on his bike today. By mile 17 I had a bit of gut rot as he cycled past me taking the piddle Oh dear off I went f-fing and jeffing calling him names that I shall not repeat here! Yet he did quickly cycle off and I didn?t see him again which was probably a good a thing as he might have ended up in a hedge with his bike shoved up his ?..!

Rachel T ran past me just after that, and then we turned back towards coombe oh it was worse than before I could feel it burning my face, this last section was going to be hard, but mile 20 and I was 2.51.00 which I was happy with, so I thought for sure I was going to come under 4hours even if I now plod.

Those of us who have done Duchy know that hill is a right nasty Git second time round and I don?t know why but I started to get a little dizzy here, so I walked up most of it and my friend Tracey B from Hayle runners was there with a load of water which I poured over myself which helped.

duchy-marathon-01821 miles 3.01.00 I now had began to struggle yet I could still do under 4 hours I kept telling myself and mile 23 some chap who I?d caught up kept running on stopping walking and soooo on which is very annoying but I didn?t swear at him, honestly, I over took him just before the next mile marker.

24 miles and there was the last turn back to P.V but its was a hard old push from there especially with that biting cold wind and I was more than happy to see the 25 mile marker but I was knackered now, burnt out, 3.47.00 I could just break 4 hours I thought, but even the fumes ran out and I struggled home in 4.01.43?..Arse.

Oh well! At least we had a nice medal for a change, which lets face it is the only reason I do it! All the marshals were friendly and supportive couple of problems on some of the water stops where people couldn?t find their drinks but hey ho! There was loads of support form Hayle runners, the St.Austell, lot especially Katie Bullock who scared the crap out of me around Tehidy, Tart! Some of the M.B.H crew (thanks to Steve, Nancy and Charlie) a few from Carn and Falmouth road runners Thank you for all the support a big thank you to Bethany Tresidder as every time Dean and her fine self drove past me she couldn?t resist the urge to call me a BIG GIRL.

You wait Beth!

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