Exe Valley Triathlon – 13 May 2007

Wet – that’s about the only word that described today’s event.  Got soaked setting up my bike in transition.  The cycle section was wetter than the swim.  And the run was like running in wellie boots!

Transition had grass, thistles and nettles up to your knees onto which they had placed racking for the bikes.  Got stung a bit once I came out of the swim as I had to run across all this in bare feet!  You would have thought they could have cut it!

 The bike course was flooded the majority of the route.  Caravans were out in force trying to overtake cyclists and seeing that it was an out and back course there were cyclists on both sides of the road plus the mega-sized puddles that we were trying to avoid, an uneven road surface so it felt like you had a puncture constantly, so that it wasn’t a particularly enjoyable ride!  Plus I had to wait at a busy roundabout nearly two minutes until it was safe to continue.  Not that it would have made a lot of difference to my overall position – slow on the bike as usual.

The majority of the run took place through a new housing estate and so wasn’t particularly scenic. 

My thanks go to all the marshals who turned out in such atrocious conditions – they all got absolutely soaked to the skin.

Apart from all that it was my first race in the South West Series – just Helston, Plymouth and Hayle to go!

Exe Valley Triathlon 2007 Results

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