Exmoor Stagger and Stumble – Sunday, 21 October 2007

October 21, 2007
10:00 am

15 Miles to Dunkery Beacon and back.3300 ft of climbing over beautiful countryside with breathtaking views.

(If you have any left to take!)

Stagger entry form http://www.mineheadrunningclub.co.uk/Stagger%20Stumble%2007/Stagger%20Entry%202007.htm

Stagger results http://www.mineheadrunningclub.co.uk/Stagger%20results%2007/Results%20(in%20a%20event)_1.html

6 miles – Stumble entry form http://www.mineheadrunningclub.co.uk/Stumble%20entry%202007/Stumble%20%20Entry%2007.htm

Stumble results http://www.mineheadrunningclub.co.uk/Stagger%20results%2007/Results%20(stumble)_1.html

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