Festival of Sport Triple Challenge – 14-16 September 2012

The Wings for Life Triple Challenge is an extreme challenge for the very toughest of Festival goers. To say you’ve completed the Triple Challenge you have to complete 3 different core sports (triathlon, sportives, open water swims, beach runs) at the Festival of Sport. Your options are:

1.Cycletta (Sat), Open water swim (Sat), Triathlon (Sun)
2.Cycletta (under 4 hours, Sat), Beach run, Open water swim (Sun) OR Triathlon (Sun)
3.Sportive (under 5.5 hours, Sat), Open water swim, (Sat), Triathlon (Sun)
4.Sportive 100km (under 3 hours, Sat), Beach run (Sat), Open Water Swim (Sun) OR Triathlon (Sun)
5.Beach Run (under 1.5hours), Open water swim (Sat), Triathlon (Sun)

Further details HERE

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