Frankfurt (Germany) Marathon on the 27th of October:

For one Mounts Bay Harrier, Peter Le Grice this Marathon was a very special occasion as he made his debut racing for England. Although unfortunately Peter had caught a cold in the build up to this race he stated that he went out hard as that’s the way he likes to run and felt great until half way. Unfortunately then he began to feel dizzy, his legs turned to lead and breathing became very disordered a little bit later. Peter said he wouldn’t change a thing tactically about this race and his nutrition and training were also good. He likes running hard and was quite happy running on his own for most of it. Overall it was a surreal experience feeling, unable to get any sort of pace – despite several stops. I guess it was just not my day!
Peter stated it was hugely disappointing on his debut, but something to learn from. As Peter completed the 26.2 mile race in 2:54:05 we at the club feel there is no need for Peter to be disappointed as racing for your Country is a great achievement.