Gary Richards wins the Classic Quarter 2013

The Classic Quarter 44-mile coast path run was a tale of two seasons. The race started in torrential rain with thunder and lightning at The Lizard and finished in scorching sunshine at Land?s End.

The unpredictable weather meant that the running terrain changed from dry, firm ground into a quagmire in places with many runners slipping over in muddy conditions. Parts of the route were overgrown and the rain just pharmacy viagra added to the problem by weighing down the vegetation and causing quite a few nettle stings as bare legs ran through them. By the end of the race sun stroke was a real possibility with temperatures soaring.

Mounts Bay Harriers had 32 runners competing ? six as a solo, one two-man relay team and six four-man relay team. Months of training for those competing in the solo along the coast path in all weathers just to ensure fitness on the day. There were a few who fell by the wayside in training and sustained injury meaning that they could not take part but there were plenty more in the wings to fill their shoes even up to the last moment.

Everyone (bar one) completed their respective runs be it 44 miles for a solo, 22 miles each for the two-man relay or approx 11 miles each for the four-man relays. The checkpoints were based at Church Cove, Perrannuthnoe and Lamorna Cove. There was great support along the route not just from family and friends but from all the walkers who had taken to the path for a quiet stroll only to be confronted by nearly 400 runners over the full distance!

Cramp was the order of the day for many runners with the many steep steps along the course proving massive hurdles for legs which could hardly lift enough to clear stones. At the end those competing were comparing how many blisters they had sustained as well as bits rubbed red raw through friction. The state of some runners? feet at Land?s End it?s amazing that they even finished the race!

An amazing performance by Mounts Bay Harrier, Gary Richards, had him beating everyone across the finish line. He said he surprised himself by winning but months of training truly paid off. He looked strong from the start and there was no stopping him! He finished in an astounding time of 7 hours 10 minutes for 44 miles! The other soloists who also completed the full 44 miles were Nigel Sims (8 hours 38 mins), Cherish Maxwell (10 hours 25 mins), Sue Taylor (10 hours 20 mins) and Chris Hammick (10 hours 37 mins). Unfortunately Pete Miles had to pull out at 33 miles due to injury.

Paul Angove and Ian James were the only Harriers competing as a two-man team finishing in 9 hours 12 mins.

The Harriers came second and third in the men?s four-man relay team. The second team consisted of Peter Scriven, Mark Russell, Peter Uren and Jeremy Marston (7 hours 4 mins) and the third team of Justin Lowell, Peter Simms, Matthew Hulse and Rory Coatsworth (7 hours 10 mins). One of the ladies teams also came third ? Joanne Clarke, Katharine Lewis, Evey Lay and Yvonne Turner (9 hours 33 mins).

The other three four-man teams were mixed ? Zoe Cocksedge, Liz Prady, Simon Jones and Jeremy Kewn (8 hours 26 mins), Duncan Grattan-Kane, Marie Ridge, Carol Randall and Nicola Wijewardene (8 hours 53 mins) and Yvonne Watkins, Michael Johns, Chris Trewhella and Adam Oliver (10 hours 8 mins).

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