Gecko Gathering – Idless 2019 & Godolphin Hill 10k

Gecko Gathering – Idless 2019:
Wednesday the 21st of August saw The Gecko Gathering Idless take place, a timed 5k and 10k run through the heart of Idless Woods. Four Mounts Bay Harries took on the course consisting of a 5k loop which the 10k diehards had the pleasure of doing twice. In the 5K was Robert Bolitho with a time of 37:53 and Laura Sadler with a time of 57:21. The 10k saw Jonathan Sadler finish in 58:07 earning 1st in age cat and Julie Bolitho finish in 1:08:29.

Godolphin Hill 10k:
On Friday the 23rd of August freedom Racing held a 10k race at the National Trust Godolphin House. Five Mounts Bay Harries took part in this event with Abigail Reynolds first back in 52:09.
Abigail Reynolds 52:09
Paul Glesspoole 55:01
Emma Richards 55:14
Jonathan Sadler 1:01:46
Laura Sadler 1:19:29