Golympix Aquathlon 2012 – Results

Golympix Aquathlon 2012 results?updated (again!)

I hope that all the children enjoyed the Golympix Aquathlon today. This is the first time that the event has been held and the Prom was a lot busier than was anticipated at that time in the morning. Hopefully all the children managed to navigate their way through the masses okay!

The results are above – please check these to make sure that there are no obvious mistakes.

Certificates will be sent out for the first three in each age for both male and female.

If anyone has any good photos which they don’t mind me sending into The Cornishman or putting on this website I would be grateful if they could be emailed to me HERE.

Many thanks to Geoff Letchford for bringing the Olympic torch along to the finish line. I hope everyone had their picture taken with him.

LOST PROPERTY – I have a hoody and rash vest in my washing machine at the moment as they were extremely wet!

And not forgetting all my marshals – especially the six French students who turned up with Pete and got seconded into helping out! Without all those marshals these events cannot take place – so a very big thank you to all of you for giving up your Sunday morning!

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