Great Flat Lode Run – Sunday, 30 October 2011

October 30, 2011
11:00 am

The Rotary Club of Redruth will be replacing their usual 10K Charity race with the Great Flat Lode 5-miler this year, which is almost exclusively off the public highway and includes the circumnavigation of Carn Brea and running along the Great FLAT Lode, through the heart of what was once one of the world’s most prosperous mining districts, passing the mine buildings of Wheal Basset around the Carnkie area.
Full details can be found on the application form

For route details please follow HERE

We would be most grateful if you would consider listing and promoting this race within your Club Diary

Yours faithfully
Lee Jeffery
Co-Ordinator Redruth Rotary Club
Great Flat Lode Charity Run 2011
M 07813 766179
H 01209 715959
W 01209 214344

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