Happy New Year

Looking towards my feet as I stepped from the shower – what the hell??!! my legs!! Have I caught some God foresaken incurable disease??!?!? they’re covered in loads of tiny red spots! Oh no, I remember, I’ve just returned from Geoffs’ NYD run across the moors!!

PLACE – New Years Day, TIME – 11am, PRESENT – about 30 runners (some looking a little worse for wear, me included from MBH, Carnies, one HRR!)

Head pounding, vision still blurred, stomach still turning, not long ago had I gone to bed after a ‘few’ MBH faithful popped around for a quick drink.

The carpark was filling up fast, drivers leapt from the vehicles, however the passengers seemed to climb out a less sprightly, Don turns up on his fixed wheel (already cycled about 30 miles) and he’s still trying to hassle people to join him after the run in a non wetsuit open water swim session!Geoff welcomed all, wished everyone a Happy New Year and briefly explained the route to all, which basically was head that way till you get to a green bucket with a couple of arrows on it and follow, prepare to get wet and covered in mud – ‘Reindeer Dog’, who made a welcome return, was raring to go even if some of the ‘green gilled’ athletes weren’t. Viv commented on how sensible it was that most were wearing long leggings? what did he mean? even Liz P had covered her legs, but Don, wearing his knee length cycle shorts, and then there was Helen from Carn, does she know what she had let herself in for?! (you’ll NEED a holiday after this)Off we go, and for me, it was the worst mile ever, every time my foot landed my head seemed to explode, my stomach wanted to show the world it’s contents (always carrots!! what’s that all about?)Now some peoples’ competitive spirit just won’t dissipate, even after large amounts of alcohol, as ‘Riggling Ronnie, Budgie Strangling Don, ‘Groovy Baby’ Jer and Coach Viv all went charging up the small path the top of the carn followed by a stream of high vis’d, lycra clad loonies, until……………… DEAD END! the path ended! back down we go to take the correct route, kindly pointed out by a now grinning Geoff.

Up we climb again, till we reach the ancient stone stack (the one with the hole in it) I happened to miss Geoffs little history talk on the stones (what other club gives guided runs?!?) as I was feeling pretty ill. Up until this point, going under foot was reasonable, but that was about to change and the reason for long tights suddenly became apparent.Narrow, bramble gorse trenchs, with the odd foot deep mud puddle thrown in for good measure was the course for the next 3 miles! and ‘riggling Ronnie, running his normal sprightly pace, had gone the wrong way AGAIN, closely followed by BS Don, fortunately after the last detour Big Al was going to lead the way, mincing Mark did try but Viv wouldn’t let him pass.Geoff warned everyone to watch their footing as it was going to get slippery, wet and uneven and then promptly twisted his ankle! The mud became thicker, the water deeper and the brambles and gorse more ferocious, I think I could hear the shouts of pain as all ran through the rabbit runs of the moor. (poor Helen was being cut to pieces)
Barry, Denise and the other Carnies (sorry I didn’t know everyones name) Janet, Nancy, Alan, Delia, Chris, Roger, Fiona, Yvonne, Mark, Izumi, Charlie H (fresh from his HRR handicap victory) and now a struggling Austin ‘Jer’ Powers – and there were carrots! and all the rest eventually splashed our way back to the tarmac and civilisation returning to the carpark, some bleeding profusely, some covered in mud, some soaking wet, but all with big smiles on their faces – New Years Day, hangover, running 5 miles through mud, water, gorse, brambles………………um…………….BRILLIANT!!!! If you have to ask why you will never understand.

Hair of the dog time!!! We all trudged into the Tinners for a quick………. I hate to admit, cup of coffee for me but some still managed to consume more alcohol! Well Done all.Many thanks to Geoff, all members of MBH, Carn Runners, and all others that joined us either participating or chauferring, A Happy New Year and Good Luck for 2008.GS (Ian)I’ll upload the photos as soon as  can

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