Hayle Sprint Distance Triathlon – Sunday 3 August 2008

Now as most of you know who read this forum and my race reports I’m not one to mince my words – I’ll call a spade a spade, so…….. Hayle Sprint Distance Triathlon

Credit where credit is due guys and girls, from my perspective (and probably all who raced) it was a perfect race – race information e mailed or posted through beforehand, entrants displayed on the web site, race registration the night before, the goody bag and contents, the T shirts, the racking, the race briefing, the swim distance, the canoeists, the referee and marshals, the bike draft busters, the timing chip system and the results, the prizes and awards – the whole atmosphere and event was fantastic.

Talking to the organisers they had to turn away close to 40 entrants as the race was full, even people turned up to enter on the day and were turned away! It just goes to show the demand is out there for this type of distance and for an ‘open’ water swim, selling point for this event has to be not swimming in the sea! perfect for the beginner / newbie who wants to try an open water event – rumour is maybe another sprint event or even better a women’s only event – both would go well, I know it’s a lot of work and organising but personally I think it would go down really well.

Onto the race………..The weather, once again, through the night, had been horrendous, but this time I decided to get the mean machine out instead of my training bike – kit packed the night before and off at 6 in the morning to what was cloudy but at least no rain at present, wind wasn’t too bad either, the roads were wet though, so that might hamper gunning it down some of the hills. Racking as I said was perfect, well marshalled and enough room even for those that racked late – it was good to see those familiar faces, PTC were out in force, North Devon had a strong 4, Exeter Tri, Trilogic and of course ourselves – the team prize was certainly going to be a hot one!

Plymouth Tri also had the nerve to wear blimming T shirts bragging of their Standard Distance Team win, no chance of that here, as I thought it would be between North Devon and Exeter. So who’d we have in then…….Kyle, Gus, new member Jason, Mark W, Don, Nick B, Sean H, Grace R, Sam L, Helen W, Liz P and Sues brother Dave, who we press ganged into entering a fortnight ago– Dan,(who decided to right his bike off and his ankle on Tuesday, Neddie, Phil S, Shay, Paul H and Tim had turned out to watch as they, like Nige, were either unlucky, didn’t want to race or couldn’t get a place.

Into the water, and from my perspective 750m didn’t seem too far and the water was quite comfortable but my god there was a lot of athletes! That’s going to make it a bit of a bun fight?!

The hooter sounded and off we went, very interesting……..lots of arm flinging, leg grabbing – especially around the bouys, I suffered, just couldn’t get into a rhythm, decided to go wide and ploughed on, came out a little disappointed as I could see my age group rivals bikes had gone, by my watch about 13 minutes (faster than last year but I felt slower and sluggish)

 A good swim - bit shorter than the 2.4 miles in the last race!Sean closely followed by IanSam L - 3rd open femaleThe Don Meister

Transition was slow, Dinger Bell appeared next to me – he had flown over from Spain, where he now lives, and was looking for revenge on me (and a few others) for last year for beating him by 1 second – he was looking lean and fit and I knew he was running well as he had posted a great time at An Resek earlier in the season. We both struggled to get our act together but eventually got our wetsuits off, helmet on and fastened and off we went – I decided to go with no socks and shoes on bike and didn’t manage to get both feet in until nearly ‘Jeepers’ (new SPIUK cycle shoes, shhhhh don’t tell the Mrs) A good ride I thought, even though it was a bit ‘hairy’ on the downhills but I thought I climbed well – I personally didn’t see any drafting but I have since heard that the bike marshal did have a word with a few people and reports are a pack of 3 athletes from the same club were having a 3 up time trial!?!?Coming into T2 I could see Dave Pell, another in my age group, who I must say has at last hit a bit of a purple patch, crossing the bridge, he was well up on me, a good 3 minutes at least, but for me another disaster, I couldn’t get my bloody running shoes on and the hurty knee thing had returned with avengeance, Dinger was having the same problem but we exited transition at the same time. Onto the run and it wasn’t long before new team mate Jason passed me, followed by Adrian, followed by Adam from PTC, followed by Jer S – my god I’m going backwards – I just can’t run anymore, lack of training and this bloody knee is a holding me back.

Coming up to the turn around point, a shout from Phil S spurred me on a little, but the faster runner guys were still flying past me, saying hi to loads I knew on the way back down was great, a couple of NDT and Kyle coming towards me, Gus was flying, The Trilogic Crew – Kinger, who really should be flying but isn’t!!??, Charlotte (why is she racing for Trilogic?) Phil Bristow who again appears to be getting better each race, I didn’t see Nathan J, who must have been well up on the opposition (it’s good to see him back to some form) Mike from Torquay, Helen W, Grace, Sam and loads of familiar ‘happy’ faces – that’s what is so great about triathlon.

Into the finishing straight and I was dead, couldn’t catch anybody but I was aware of Chris D and Kinger finishing strong! Managed to hold them off and 21st – 1 hour 11 something-slower than last year but not bad I suppose.

Poor old Sean H had a puncture, Dave the brother in law is not speaking to me! And is currently flat out on my sofa unable to walk.

So who did what? Provisional – Well the winner was Nathan Jolly, good to see he’s getting back to some formbut for MBH I have all the prizes as no one seemed to be left at presentation?!

Kyle – 4th

Gus – 7th and first MV 40

Sam L – 3rd open female

Liz P – 3rd female 50-54

Helen W special award for doing the whole series

 Liz P - first open water tri and wins 2nd Female vet 50-54



The most surprising………….

MBH FIRST TEAM!!! Retaining the cup for the 3rd year




And myself

Well Done to all MBH – and Hayle Tri – fantastic event, go for the womans only event and emphasise beginners welcome, (a lot of these women do these events to not only prove something to themselves but also to show their partners what they can do!!)  perhaps another sprint event and I can’t see you going far wrong.

Rumour is entries for next years series – that’s all 3 events open next week!

Pos Overall Competitor Category Finish Swim Cycle Run

5 Kyle Kearey MSen 1:07:10 :09:16  – :37:20  – :20:32
7 Gus Gusterson MVet40 1:07:51 :12:09  – :35:13  – :20:27
15 Jason Walker MSen 1:10:35 :11:31  – :37:43  – :21:20
21 Ian Matthews MVet40 1:11:24 :12:19  – :36:43  – :22:20
33 Mark Worledge MVet40 1:13:06 :12:03  – :37:59  – :23:04
47 Don Hutchinson MVet45 1:14:49 :15:37  – :37:53  – :21:18
62 Samantha Lawley FSen 1:17:59 :13:02  – :40:57  – :23:59
66 Nick Brooks MVet45 1:18:10 :11:28  – :42:07  – :24:33
95 Helen Webb FSen 1:23:10 :12:27  – :44:51  – :25:50
153 Liz Prady FVet50 1:43:08 :19:48  – :52:57  – :30:21
160 Dave Kennedy MVet50 2:03:32 :15:23  – 1:06:48  – :41:20

122         Grace Richards FJu        1:30:52 :13:00 :48:11 :29:40