Hayle Standard Triathlon – Sunday 26 July 2009

ian-swimI?d already decided not to ?race? this event this year and just try and complete, injury had put pay to any decent run training, in fact if I could complete the run it would be the furthest I had run since 70.3 8 weeks ago (and with exception of the Turkey Trot the only other time!) I had contacted Cris and Karen to say if there was a waiting list I would sell my place, but unfortunately there were still places, and being a tight ass I was not going to just ?give up? on my ?35

Registration the previous evening was painless, even getting my 2 helmets checked out as I was unsure whether to wear my nobbers time trial helmet or the normal cycling jobbie, I think the weather would decide.

I thought race strategy for me was to hopefully have a decent swim, a good bike and try and hang on without walking in the run.

don-swimWaking at 5am on the Sunday, my heart sank, the rain and wind was beating against the window and I must admit I did consider staying put and giving it a miss as I wasn?t going for a PB or podium place, but the achievement of saying that I had done ALL of the Hayle standard swayed me to drive to Hayle.

How far away was that car park!! I?m just a lazy git! But I think I have half the sand from the car park in my car! A text from Grace ? ?it?s raining, is it still on?? oh Grace you have so much to learn! Tim had given Don a lift, Jason wasn?t looking too well and I can?t get used to Shawny G with a George Michael stubble ? Grace rushes in at the last moment and borrowed some goggles as she had forgot she had broken hers at the St Ives biathlon. Brooksy turns up for marshalling duties as London beckons next weekend. Kay from AYP, Juliet K, Denise and Barry, Phil B, Dom from Camel, Dave P, Iain H from NDT, Mike D, who I work with, from Torbay TC, but do you know who I missed? Tom Daniels, I haven?t seen him for ages and usually bump into him at this race every year ? is he OK, anyone seen him?

Racking was numbered this year, excellent, no problems, lots of room, just have to remember where you racked your bike (Amazingly something that Helen D had difficulty with!) It was tipping it down, the swim was going to be the driest part of the race. In we all went, a good depth of water this year and over to the start. There seemed an age before the start but eventually we were off, and for me quite an uneventful swim, didn?t feel easy but again not too hard. Jason had his goggles completely ripped off his face! But I didn?t see any argy bargy.

jason-bikeI took my time in T1, opting for the TT helmet (to keep my ears warm!), putting on socks, arm warmers, gloves, I wasn?t going to be cold!! I even popped a couple of pills to see if I could stave off the leg pain.

Cycle I thought was tough in places, my aero 4 spoke wheels seemed to catch every side gust and staying down on the tri bars was sometimes a bit hairy and with the wet roads I didn?t feel confident enough gunning down some of the hills, it was wet, windy, muddy and COLD!!

I thought I was doing OK till a group of about 6 came motoring past me at Rosudgeon, no drafting there then chaps!!? I think I held my own on the cycle but not as fast as last year, may have been the wind, rain or just my fitness.

tim-bikeComing into transition it was good to see Neil, Charlotte, Andrew, Steph, Sam L, Kyle, but here was the bit I was dreading, a 10K run!! As I was entering T2 I just caught sight of Jason leaving, he was going well despite carrying a bug all week.

I started to run, stopped and kissed Steph and Sam and over the bridge to run through Hayle ? not too bad, felt quite good if I?m honest ? got over taken by 2 chaps through Hayle but I was hanging in there, bumped into Lisa P and her other half running towards me ? no sign of anyone from MBH, couple of twinges but nothing too bad ? could I complete?

The leader came running towards me outside St. Ives Bay Holiday Village, looking really strong, no sign of Tim tho? managed to hang onto the turn around point, Jason came running towards me at the by pass fly over, Dom from Camel not far behind. I came around the cone and started on the way back, now whether it was the downward incline but suddenly my leg screamed ?no more? and bloody hell there was Don, running towards me looking far too strong – he was bound to catch me today! I tried to pick up the pace but ?not today? I even had to walk a little!! The final mile and turn onto St Georges Walk, there was Chris T, who informed me, just as Don came roaring past that I was about to be passed! I knew!! I encouraged Don to catch the guy in front and tried to battle my own demons to finish sub 2.30 ? the final straight I stopped again to talk to Lisa Picton, who, when asked, why she wasn?t racing, informed me that she was Ironman Boltoning next weekend ? Good Luck both.

shaun-runToday however, I was going to finish!!, I was even overtaken 10m from the line!! but didn?t really care (or did I?!?) as I was under 2.30 as planned, no sprint finish, just a ?cross the line? I?d done it. But you know what? That deflated feeling knowing ?if only I?d been not injured? it?s so frustrating knowing that you could have been so much faster without a pain in the leg and being in front of those you know you can beat. Competitive, me? Never!

Tale of the tape.

150 starters
Tim Drew ? 5th ? 2.08.12
Jason Walker ? 19th ? 2.16.31
Don Hutchison ? 30th – 2.23.15
Ian Matthews ? 34th ? 2.23.47
Shawn Gimbert ? 58th ? 2.33.32
Grace Richards ? 146th ? 3.20.04

grace-bikeWell Done MBH, athletes and supporters alike – So that?s the last Standard Distance held at Hayle! Such a shame as I think the ?open water swim? which isn?t that open, was ideal for first timers ? Karen and Cris have done well with these events and introduced many a ?new? triathlete to our sport ? and big thank you, especially deserved today, to the marshals!

Hobbling around here at home, just cleaned my bike off and now I have the dilemma of either training like hell to go sub 20 minutes at the prom swim or cycling lots to try and get sub 25 at the remaining Leedstown 10 mile TTs, one thing I know, running is definitely off the agenda still for a while. (oooh just remembered Birmingham Half on October 11!)

Rest? What?s that? See you at the sprint on August 23rd? Right where?s Leah Wheelers number for to try and get me right for a months time!

God I?m sooooo looking forward to our Brittany Cycling trip!!

Results HERE


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