Helston Triathlon 2008

It seems to have been a long winter! First Tri of the year for a lot us as our own Penzance triathlon was the first, at which most of us were marshalling, so here we are – a new tri season

You know that Sunday Triathlon feeling as you get up early, look out the window, check the weather and then go into panic mode – well I personally felt jittery this morning – having done little training, having a constant hurty knee thing going on, and half a stone heavier than last year – I was not looking forward to today – it was Helston Triathlon, looking through my curtains in Penzance though it didn’t matter, as no one would be able to see me as it was thick with fog!

An early load up of the kit and 2 bikes as Mrs G was off at 9.15, I would have to wait around till after 11 – out of practice, I was wondering what we had forgotten as we drove to Helston. The fog was clearing and the weather looked like being a real scorcher of a day, great for the early starters but it was going to be hot in those lanes nearer midday.

Parking at Helston School it was great to see a few familiar faces from last season, and a lot of new keen eager athletes to either give it a go or make an impact on the local tri scene, I began to wonder just how much winter training had others done?

Again registration was painless, easy and relaxed, I never seem to get my £2 back for being a BTA member though, I asked about it but was told ‘I don’t know nothing about that, you’ll have to see Ceri – I also didn’t see any day licences being issued, but then again I wasn’t paying much attention. Ceri you owe me £2!

Racking and transition area was fine, not being numbered I did have fears as the rolling start may have caused problems with athletes racking their machines in spots where earlier athletes were already out on the bike, but I didn’t see or hear of any of this happening, in fact I thought the racking was the best I had seen for a few years, plenty of room. The swim exit and pathway to transition and the one way system, a change from previous years, I thought also worked very well.

The swim was now well in progress, and many MBH had already completed their 16 lengths and were out on their bikes – the weather and competition were warming up nicely.

Well done to Nancy who breast stroked her way through her first tri swim – don’t let the Ayatolla know, and Robert, I understand you’re going to be spoken to tomorrow!!, Chris T got all the way through with front crawl as did Mrs G – well done everybody.

I found my trusty steed immediately, for me a first and with shoes on bike, would I remember how to mount, feet in and away we go? Yep as easy as falli…….. – no I won’t use that analogy! The bike course, slightly changed, as you now turned right instead of left out of transition, didn’t cause me too many problems as the marshals on most of the roundabouts were excellent and halted the traffic at the right times, I did have a problem at two though where I had to give away to the right and came to a standstill (I wonder…………. if only??)

The bike, I loved it, not too much wind, always someone in front to chase, which is good for me as I tend to lose concentration if I’m ‘on my own’

Coming into T2 feet out, off the bike and straight to my area of racking, bike racked, helmet off, number turned, shoes on, shoes on, my bloody shoes wont go on!! There’s something in the right shoe! Taking it off, I find Sues asthma pump that went missing at Blaythorne! Bugger! Anyway out I go, again different to previous years as we turned right, I reckon this adds a quarter mile? But my god was it hot! Back up to the double roundabout, a quick hello to Steve from Cyclelogic, who was marshalling at this point, and out onto the original run, hot, dusty, pollen filled, breeze free lanes! Found a good rhythm on the run and was soon back near transition, only that nice downhill bit and that real sting in the tail hill near the finish. It was good to see Don Bristow at the top of this hill as he said ‘into the field to the finish’ (get well soon Don)

A bit of a sprint to the finish line, egged on by the waiting MBH crew, and a time of a little over 1.15 – slower than last year, longer course? but a good starting point – asking around the others I could see in my AG I thought I would be out of the placings, but we were all around the same time, Mark King, Dave Pell and new vet Jeremy Stephens – I knew Gus was way ahead as probably was Adrian ‘Dinger’ Bell – we will soon find out.

It was great to see so many MBH waiting at the finish for each and everyone of us to finish and everybodies hearts went out to Brooksy as he came back in bruised and bloodied – he had come of his bike and suffered some nasty scrapes on his legs, elbows and shoulders – that’s gonna hurt in the morning Nick – NO, that’s gonna really hurt when you get home in the shower!!! Off Nick went to get some TLC from St Johns – he’s just texted and asked if I knew of any ladies who could help wash and annoint his body!! either he’s not too bad or a knock to his head has him thinking he’s Jesus Christ.

Prize giving, as the weather was scorching, was held outside, and I can truly say that with the exception of Gus I didn’t think we had won anything else – how wrong I was – Gus 1st over 40 and 2nd local, Helen W 3rd local, Charlotte H 3rd local female, I managed 3rd over 40, Yvonne 3rd over 40, Ian R 3rd over 50, Liz P 1st over 50 – and we took second team, with Gus, myself and Phil S counting.

My mojo has returned (so has this bloody hurty knee) whens the next tri outing??!?!?

Winning silverware is nice but it’s not everything – Well done to everybody, and I mean everybody, from MBH today you are all a credit to our great club – I will list everybody with their times and  positions as soon as they come on line (probably Tuesday)

A big thankyou to Ceri for once again putting on a great triathlon (even tho’ you owe me £2) We’ll see you next year





 Photos thanks to John Prady


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