Huttenfeld 10K – August 16th 2008

I’ll be quick with this report since i was the only runner from MBH I dont expect too much interest. So…   170 participants. I was 9th overall. 1st in over 55 age group, and indeed first in over 50 age group. 37.58.  Yep, 37.58. Ok it was dead flat, but still. Thats a PB for me…. and i mean a PB. Been running for 20 years and kept records. I’ve never, ever beaten 38 minutes before.   So, anyone who thinks the older you get, the slower you get, dont believe it. You just got to grit your teeth, stay at it, be committed and stay injury free. And thats the most difficult one, because you never know when something is going to jump out of the wood work and bite you.  

So, if you want a personal best … head for Huttenfeld.  


Geoff Letchford

(Huttenfeld is in Germany, about 45 miles S of Frankfurt – Well done Geoff!) – AD

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