Indian Queens 2011

imgp1197A hot and humid race for the 32 Mounts Bay Harriers who took part in the Indian Queens Half Marathon. The race was full to capacity with over 650 runners taking part ? the entry limit was 550!

Rich Savage just about sneaked in the top 20 in a time of 1.21.56 and picked up 2nd male vet 45-49 in doing so. Rachel Tresidder was first female home for the Harriers in a time of 1.31.48 and second female vet 35-39. Nancy Hill was third female vet 40-44 in 1.35.18, with Sue Taylor also claiming second in the female vet 55-59 age category. Clive Hibbert yet again claimed a prize in the male vet 65-69 picking up third place in a time of 1.48.49.

Despite weather forecasts of rain, in was not forthcoming during the race and Jeremy Kewn started running through every puddle going just trying to cool down. Given a chance I think he would have sat in one! It didn?t help that his wife, Nicola, well in truly beat him by coming in nearly 10 minutes ahead.

Phil Sanger (1.24.17) was ahead of Rich Savage at the ten mile mark but Rich had Phil in his sights and reeled him in.

Matt Lawless and Andrew Hickson both finished in under 1.30.

Chris Ford and Thomas Howarth had a hard training session the previous Thursday ? they were meant to be taking it easy but were treating it as an actual race. They still both put in brilliant times of 1.30.13 and 1.37.30 respectively.

Sacha Hosking and Dominque Gabry were competing in their first half marathon. Sacha had only ran 7 miles in training before this race and came in just under two hours. Dominique had been putting in the miles with Yvonne Watkins and finished in a respectable time.

Justin Lowell had man-flu but still managed 1.47.24 but Richard Boucher?s calf muscle went part was through the race and he ended up walking.

Well done to all who took part today.

20 1:21:56 SAVAGE, Rich (2nd MV 45-49)
28 1:24:17 SANGER, Phil
37 1:26:52 LAWLESS, Matt
44 1:27:41 HICKSON, Andrew
62 1:30:13 FORD, Chris
77 1:31:48 TRESIDDER, Rachel (2nd FV 35-39)
85 1:32:47 HOLDEN, Charlie
109 1:34:38 MARSTON, Jeremy
119 1:35:18 HILL, Nancy (3rd FV 40-44)
138 1:37:30 HOWARTH, Thomas
163 1:39:28 ANGOVE, Paul
167 1:40:22 RICHARDS, Steven
182 1:41:35 OMORI, Mark
194 1:42:58 GREGORY, Dave
217 1:45:10 TAYLOR, Sue (2nd FV 55-59)
238 1:47:24 LOWELL, Justin
258 1:48:49 HIBBERT, Clive (3rd MV 65-69)
317 1:52:46 KEWN, Nicola
361 1:56:34 ROSEWALL, Tammy
397 1:59:26 TURNER, Yvonne
399 1:59:36 HOSKING, Sacha
404 2:00:20 BURROWS, Robert
422 2:01:39 KEWN, Jeremy
435 2:02:22 BOUCHER, Richard
496 2:11:09 SQUIRE, Mark
507 2:12:11 STONE, Jackie
546 2:17:45 SQUIRE, Helen
550 2:18:25 MILSOM, Eileen
616 2:34:01 WATKINS, Yvonne
622 2:34:49 GABRY, Dominique

Full results HERE

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