Indian Queens – final instructions

Indian Queens Half Marathon Update. Start time 10am (fun run at 9am)
Registration at Indian Queens Working Mens Club

The WMC car parking area is for helpers/marshalls and fun run entries only, please do not attempt to park there!! All parking for half marathon entries will be on the industrial areas as you enter the village from the roundabout under the A30. Currently we have permission to use Hydra and Wing fisheries on the left and European Springs and on the right hand side. Its about a ? mile walk to the WMC. Please park only where directed as some of the businesses in the area will be open on Sunday. Do NOT park in any of the roads in the start/finish area or road leading into the village or Port and Starboard (chip shop) car park. Inconsiderate parking may cause businesses to withdraw parking for future years which could severely mess us up!!!!!!!!!! You can park in the school car park which is situated on the estate behind the Victory Hall, if you know where it is please use it. Make sure that you are parked up in good time as you may not make the start (see below)


We have increased our Portaloos to 8 which will be situated within the WMC car park. These will ease the strain on the WMC facilities and will ensure every one gets to the start line for the brief at 9:55am having taken care of their toiletries!!!!!!! The chapel toilets which are on the right on the walk to the start should also be open for last minute toiletries.

Start Area

The start is about 200 metres just up the road slightly to the right of the chip shop. Its going to be difficult with the numbers we have but please keep on the pavement for as long as possible to prevent obstructing the road. There is a bollard in the road about 100m into the race, please go around it.

Number Collection

Numbers will be distributed from 2 desks within the WMC, see the poster on the main door going in for the detail, exception to this is that Jan will have the NRR, HRR, TT, STARC, MBH, FRR and FRR numbers. A member of each club will pick their own club runners up and distribute, those clubs that have entered in bulk can sort out their entry fees with Jan. Please be there in good time to collect you number.


Note that we do not have exclusive use of the trails, there are marshalls/signs at various points to notify other users

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