Ironman 70.3 Wimbleball 2009

Firstly what a cracking day for MBH at the St Ives Tri and I’ve heard Neil E did something special in the pros race at Windsor, although racing for VOTWO finished 20th in a time of 2.08.23?sam-2
In answer to Yvonne’s forum question – no places to Florida taken as we didn’t stay!! Gus would have got one as he was 6th in AG and there were 6 slots – I reckoned it wasn’t going to roll down 18 places to me this year so didn’t hang around!!

I can honestly say it was the hardest, hottest and most painful tri I have ever done – (even harder than the IM) we were delayed at the start by an hour due to fog – and this time, not like in 2006, it was a deep water start with EVERYONE – all 1500! in 2006 it was in AGs and started from the bank – I positioned myself where I though I’d be paced (looking for sub 30 mins as in 2006) and when the hooter went I got beaten about rather badly, it was rough, no clear water all the way around – it was the 1st time I really considered raising my arm and pulling out – I Panicked! – I believe Sam was the same – managed to fight my way round in 33 mins! – I was so peed off, I ripped my wetsuit off at the bottom of the grass slope that you have to run up to transition and promptly broke my gold chain! faffing about to get a marshal to take it – I couldn’t get my wetsuit off as I’d wanted so ran up the hill with it on! a long transition of over 5 minutes and out onto the bike.

It is tough, so hilly (both up and down, but the ups are steeper than the downs!) the weather had hotted up! I’m glad I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor and I think it would have worried me a little – there are a few really nice fast downhills (ask Scott M) but on the whole it is very hilly, very steep and it’s 2 bloody laps! Anyway managed to do it all without either falling off or getting off to push (as many did) – run transtion as bit quicker but now it was hurting, both from exhaustion and injury (both knee and hip were doing a double wammy) out onto the 3 lap run course – all ‘off road’ as such, country lanes, bridleways, gravel tracks, grass and even out and back along a dam – 1st lap was hard, 2nd lap, I started to walk a bit up the big hill (and it is big up and down, compare it to Trevaylor 5 mile route backwards – 3rd lap I even had to walk on the flat! 1.51 for a half marathon! still, at the start I was asked what time I hoped for – 5.30 or below would be dream, better than 2006 (5.40) would be OK and 5.45 – 6 with my current injury, if the pills lasted would be satisfactory.phil
So I’m quite please with 5.37.18 – if only I’d found some space on the swim, speeded up T1 and didn’t walk on the run! But the question is, would I do it again – yep sure I would, and I think it should be a club camping trip at the same time – it looked good fun all the other clubs camping in circle setup, cooking up huge bowls of pasta and bacon for breakfast – imagine the celebration there tonight?!
We even parked next to Kyles coach! a young lady called Julie Dibbens, you may have heard of her? she was very chatty and a real nice person, it’s amazing when you see the size of her how she can do what she does (she finished 2nd lady today in 4.43.02!!!!)

So what was in the goody bag? a water bottle, a rucksack, finishers good quality medal, good technical T shirt, new tri magazine (probably the best content I’ve seen, it’s called ‘Triathlon plus’) lighty up dolphin thing? and if you finished in the top 200 a cap also –phil-and-sam

MBH results
Gus 5.14.05 – 6th in AG (40-44) and 61 overall
Ian 5.37.18 – 19th in AG (40-44) and 138 overall
Phil 5.58.20 67th in AG and 290 overall
Sam L 6.16.11 5th in AG and 408 overall

Many many thanks to Mhairi and John S who travelled up to cheer us on and to Susie T who seemed to pop up everywhere!

Just for interest and to show the depth of talent in Cornwall Tri (apologies if I missed anyone)
Matt Pullen finished in 4.49, 2nd in Ag and 17 overall
Nathan Jolly finished in 4.50.35 1st in AG and 20th overall
Matt Groves finished in 5.10.06 4th in Ag and overall
Jeff Houghton finished in 5.21 8th in Ag and 37th overall

So with Gus (Matt G and Jeff H) that would have been 3 of the 6 Florida World Champs spots (40-44 AG) going to Cornish triathletes!

Others I saw

John Thompson, Chris Domoney, Darren James, Angie Tiller, Mark Smith,? Steve Taylor, Dave Pell and at least half a dozen I don’t recall their name (apologies)

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