Jubilee Pool Aquathlon – Race 1

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It couldn’t have been a closer race if you tried!! ?With one second between first and second place for both the men’s overall positions and the female vets prize.
On what promised to be a wet and windy evening, according to all the weather forecasts, actually turned out to be a warm, sunny and blustery one. Even the water temperature in the pool wasn’t as bad as everyone thought is was going to be (with one exception!)

Sixty competitors entered the race, over 50 of which were on the night. I went in first to test out the water and to try and get back in time to relieve Shay of starting the swimmers off so that he could take part as well. I just about made it with five swimmers to go!

The swim around the edge of Jubilee Pool is marked on the corners with orange buoys, which Nick Brooks had put in earlier but which originally had a tendency to float off due to not enough weight being in the bags holding them down. Nick and Shay soon had it sussed – don’t put any air in the plastic bags which was causing them to float! Also, they were using biodegradable Tesco bags which were disintegrating in the water!
The run along the Prom was into a head wind with the usual obstacles of dogs, people, bikes, prams, skateboards, etc. I actually collided with a skateboarder at the Newlyn end causing him to end up on the beach whilst he apologised profusely for getting in my way……

On the way out I was overtaken by Ben Hoadley, who had also overtaken me in the swim but took so long in transition getting dressed that it wasn’t until the Queen’s Hotel that he overtook me again (Ben, you need some fast-transition practice!)

And so onto the results:

Male overall
1. Neil Eddy 13:07
2. Dave Bartlett 13:08
3. Pete Le Grice 13:51

Female overall
1. Alice Nicholas 15:25
2. Dani Perks 15:34
3. Charlotte Hurst 15:57

Male vets over 40
1. Shay Bowen 15:47
2. Mark Worledge 16:01
3. Ben Hoadley 16:39

Female vets over 40
1. Tamsin Eddy 17:38
2. Sasha Osborne 17:39
3. Yvonne Turner 18:53

Male Juniors under 20
1. Robin Watson 15:04
2. Jack Hoare 15:16
3. Luke Hollis 18:05

Female Juniors under 20
1. Vicky Burlingham 17:00
2. Amy Jolly 17:12
3. Lowenna Jones 17:52

Hope to see you all at the second event on Wednesday, 30 June 2010 at 7pm. Put it in your diary now!!

My thanks, as always, to all the marshals who turned up tonight.? No-one let me down!!? It is greatly appreciated.

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