Jubilee Pool Aquathlon – Race 3 results

MBH Jubilee Pool Aquathlon 2012 – race 3 results

For the first time ever we’ve broke the 100 competitors mark in the Jubilee Pool Aquathlon series! Well done to all who took part tonight.

Results have been updated to reflect the fact that Jonas Gummersson’s swim time was a minute slower than at first thought due to a typo! This means that he was third in the 20-39 age category and not second. Kyle Kearey moves up a place! Please check the times to make sure I haven’t made any other mistakes. No mistaking Pete Le Grice’s time of 12.12 – 2.34 for the swim and 9.38 for the run (remember that’s a 200 metre swim and 2-mile run!)

Can everyone please check that they picked up the correct goggles and swim hats as a few went missing tonight and the owners would like them back!

Also, a wetsuit was left behind as well as a few other odds and ends. Please email me if you think they are yours at yvonne@angus-squonk.freeserve.co.uk

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