3rd Jubilee Pool Aquathlon Results – July

Results HERE

Photos now available at www.slamshots.com

Wow, 72 entries on the night added to the 23 pre-entries (three of which didn’t turn up) makes 92 competitors taking part in the third Jubilee Pool Aquathlon this year!!? This event just seems to be going from strength to strength.

All morning and early afternoon the rain just kept pouring down, it seemed like it was never going to stop.? I arrived at the pool at 3pm to unload the car and the rain was just stopping.? By the time Ian arrived to help put out the signs at 4pm the sun was shining but the wind was picking up slightly.

I went in for a swim just to see what the water temperature was like as the pool had just been re-filled after its mid-season clean out.? 19 degrees C – a bit on the nippy side when you first get in?but by the time you’d swum to the first corner you didn’t notice the nip.

By 6pm a steady stream of competitors were showing up to register (some had been there since 4pm!)? Sue ran out of change and had to keep sending someone over to the Yacht Inn to get more coins.? Correct money next time, if at all possible, please.

By 6.30pm all my marshals had turned up (bar a couple who were late due to?problems parking)?and been given instructions as to what they were doing.? Many thanks to all of you especially the children, Bethany and Katie plus one other (sorry can’t remember your name) who done a wonderful job getting the swimmers to call our their numbers to the time-keepers.

Bang on 7pm the first swimmer went in, as usual it was Thomas Shorey.? After that, every 30 seconds, a swimmer entered the solar-heated pool until just over 45 minutes later the last swimmer, Ian Matthews, went off as the back marker. Each finisher received their MBH Jubilee Pool Aquathlon goody bag which included water, pen, sweets and cool bag.? What will be next months finisher’s gift?

By 8pm it was all over and it took me another hour to get the results together.

Trophies and prizes of?Newline technical socks?were presented in The Yacht Inn as follows:

Male Open
1st Neil Eddy 12:55
2nd David Bartlett 13:07
3rd Kyle Kearey 13:40

Male Vet
1st David Pell 14:26
2nd Nigel Sims 14:38

Male Junior
1st Matthew Trewhella 14:55
2nd Josh Carnell 14:58

Female Open
1st Natasha Diment 15:10
2nd Emily Trebilcock 15:46
3rd Charlotte Hurst 16:18

Female Vet
1st Sasha Osborne 17:20
2nd Jackie Roberts 18:09

Female Junior
(Natasha & Charlotte had already won prizes)
1st Melissa Reid 17:16
2nd Lara Ruetsch 17:21

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