Jubilee Pool – Race 3 and Series results


Another record evening – 75 competitors of which 50 entered on the night.  Quite a few people on holiday had either seen the event advertised in Runners World or seen the signs on Jubilee Pool’s gates beforehand and thought they’d give it a go.  Lots of locals took part including 25 Mounts Bay Harriers.

The rain held off, although it was a bit breezy – anything was better than the July event’s weather!

The run course had to be changed due to a huge hole being dug up where the steps used to be.  Apologies for signs going missing in the skateboard park area – we found them cut down, turned around and even thrown on the beach! 

Kyle Kearey couldn’t make this event due to training to fight fires, which left Neil Eddy with a clear run to win the series and the race.

Loyd Purvis and Michael Robinson of Hayle Runners came second and third respectively on the night but their positions were reversed for the series with Mike just pipping Loyd at the post.

Sue Ogilvie of Newquay Road Runners yet again proved that age is no barrier when it comes to winning these races.  She comfortably won both this race and the series.

This was the first time we have run this series and the event just seemed to go from strength to strength each month.  We have learnt a lot from it but would welcome any ideas which could make it better.  Suggestions so far have included having sunshine and lines painted on the bottom of the pool!

We hope to see everyone again next year.  There may be an event to open the Jubilee Pool at the end of May as well as close it in September, these will be on top of the evening events in June, July and August.

Well done to all who took part in this and previous events and thanks once again to all the marshals who make these events happen.

Jubilee Pool Series results 2008
Jubilee Pool 2008 – Race 3 results


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