Launceston Half Marathon 2008

Sprint finish

Everyone who ran was expecting heavy rain and harsh winds as predicted by the weather men, they were wrong again! The day started off overcast with sunny spells and there was a little breeze here and there on the course which didn’t go amiss as it was quite hot, overall it was a really nice day!

The first mile was down hill so I ran it slower than normal for me and by mile 2 mark O came scuttering past, he had me on the hill and Nancy H had me at the top, but I had them down the other side only to be over taken by both of them on the flat!

Mile 3 another hill and Rachel powered past me, and that was the last I saw of them!

After that it was just up and up with the odd dip here and there by mile 7 I had settled down and picked up my pace and started to do a bit of catching up and overtaking.

I popped my last energy jell at 8 miles ready for the last up which started at just over 11 and half miles and it was long, hard and steep (the hill yvonne) and towards the top it got flipping steeper and many other runners were walking by this point. I plodded past them and turned into the park where more were still walking, then I had some chap from that club that shall not be mentioned who thought he was going to take me …………

Keep going Sam!

……… huh, not happening I said.

The last 200m consists of a steep down hill windy footpath, a right hand turn, and a sprint finish, so off downhill I went leaving him behind and over taking a few others in the process, as did Ian, G and Robert, B who both had strong sprint finishes, overtaking as they did. They, like me were glad it was over.

Sam at the finish

Well so much for the Beast of Cornwall it was hard, but not as hard as they made out!


Nancy Hill………….1.40.58

Rachel Tresidder……1.42.18

Mark Omori…………1.45.08


Ian Gronwalt…………2.01.17

Robert Burrows………2.04.56


Sam “the nutter” Perkin

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