Leedstown 10 mile time trial – Saturday, 26 December 2009

December 26, 2009
11:00 am

Signing on is from 10.15am in the large car park 400 metres from Leedstown centre in the Hayle direction. Entry fee is £2 for non-PZW riders or £1 for PZW 1st claim members. Please fix your number in the middle of your lower back area, so that it is clearly visible to the timekeeper after you have crossed the finish line. It helps if you call out your number as you cross the line. First rider will start at 11.01am. To get to the start, ride about 1 mile from the car park towards Hayle, just past Fraddam.

From the start, ride back through Leedstown towards Helston. After almost 5 miles, turn sharp left at Sithney School (there will be a marshal here), through Crowntown and Nancegollan to Praze-an-Beeble. In the centre of Praze (there will also be a marshal here), turn left towards Leedstown, and finish at the lay-by 400 metres before reaching The village. When you have finished do not stop and cause an obstruction on the road, but ride straight back to the car park. The timekeeper will bring the results there when the last rider has finished. The full results will also appear on the PZW website.

Only standard road bikes and equipment are allowed in this race, so no aero bars, no disc or deep rim wheels, and no pointy helmets.

If you have not done a time trial before, or do not fancy a lone effort, why not do it as a 2-up team time trial. Simply find a willing partner of about the same ability and fitness, and take it in turns to lead, with your time being taken when the 2nd team members crosses the line. Make sure that you both sign on and say what you are doing, so that you can be given consecutive numbers. If you want to boost your winter training, why not ride there from home, and ride back afterwards?

Further details on Penzance Wheelers website HERE

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